Oval Chafing Dishes

Add a classic look to your buffet line with Oval Chafing Dishes

Create an elegant atmosphere at your buffet, with lovely oval chafing from top selling manufacturers. Oval chafing dishes are the upscale alternative to rectangular chafing dishes and come in 6 quart sizes to fit your finest main course dishes.


Oval chafing dishes are ideal if you want your buffet table to have a professional appearance. Our oval chafing dishes are the perfect size for presenting your popular entrées in undisputed style. The egg-shaped design of an oval chafing dish helps add elegance and panache to your serving table. Our oval chafing dishes are made out of the finest materials, and this ensures that they will last for years in any commercial setting. We are also confident that they will make a huge impression on your guests, as they will remember your restaurant, your service, and your setup long after they have finished their meal. At TigerChef we carry a large variety of designs and are confident that you will find something that not only meets your expectations, but also exceeds them. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to selling the finest catering equipment around, so if you want to find out about our top brands or how we can help you, please take a look below.

Our Oval Chafing Dish Brands

Finding the Right Oval Chafing Dish is Effortless through Tiger Chef

All of our oval chafing dishes are made of stainless steel, some with gold accents and others with a mirror finish. We know that no two restaurants are the same and that is why we are continually expanding our range so you can find something that suits your brand and your service requirements. When you shop through us, you will recognize a lot of the brands that we have available, and we are convinced that our range is one of the best in the industry. We know that not every restaurant has the same budget either, and that is why we stock a wide range of oval chafing dishes at various price points. This allows you to find the product you want, at a price you can afford, every single time.

Our Oval Chafing Dishes

It doesn’t matter whether you need a replacement dish or whether you need something to aid with your restaurant presentation. We are confident you will find it at our online store. most of the chafers in our collection are designed to work with the chafing fuel options you can find here. We also sell a range of chafer fuel holders if you require additional heating for your chafing pans.

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How to choose the best oval chafing dishes

What Size Oval Chafing Dish Do I Need?

The size of the oval chafing dish that you shop for will largely depend on the type and amount of food you plan on serving. So determine what you intend on serving and then choose the perfect chafing dish for your catered event.

Should I Get an Oval Chafing Dish with Gold Accents?

The gold accents on our selection of oval chafing dishes appears on the legs and handles of various models. It is these well-placed accents that will brighten up any buffet table and add aesthetic appeal. We have a large supply of oval chafers in stock at all times, to ensure that we've got your catering needs covered.

What Types of Oval Chafing Dishes are Available?

We carry several types oval chafing dishes all of which use canned fuel to keep your food warm and at optimal serving temperatures. There are several types of fuel that you can choose from, with gel fuel and wick fuel being the most popular and eco-friendly. as well. We carry gel fuel and eco-friendly.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about how our oval chafing dishes can brighten up your catered events and add a sophisticated touch. We also have a range of TigerChef products that will not only meet your catering demands, but also exceed them.