Restaurant Supply Companies

Meet Our TigerChef Partners

TigerChef is proud to work with the following restaurant equipment and kitchen supply manufacturers across the U.S.A. - bringing our customers top of the line products at competitive, low prices every day:

Alfa is a leading supplier to chains and original equipment manufacturers. Alfa is known for their unique product line and friendly, professional customer service.


C.A.C. China’s mission is to provide high quality commercial grade china at affordable prices. C.A.C. China has a variety of durable dinnerware and specialty items at all levels and sizes.



Take your entertaining style to new heights with EMI Yoshi’s premium, disposable servingware. The Yoshi brand of products from EMI Yoshi will inspire you with the most unique and innovative items.


G.E.T. Enterprises is a provider for the food service industry with over 28 years of expertise. G.E.T. Enterprises provides fine quality servingware in melamine and alternative materials.



In the distribution of commercial food machinery, Omcan Inc. is an industry leader. You can rely on Omcan for value and selection.


Thunder Group has grown into one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of melamineware, flatware, kitchenware, and restaurantware. Thunder Group’s mission is to provide quality, selection, and competitive prices.



When Taylor was founded in 1851, by George Taylor, he had a motto: accuracy first. Since then, our legacy has grown to include a wide range of measurement products for home and industry. From thermometers to altimeters used in fighter planes, we develop the most accurate measurement products. We've been in the measurement business for almost 150 years... which is why Taylor is the brand you can trust.

Providing restaurants and food service across the nation with the finest equipment and smallwares in Asian restaurant trade. Town Food Service...over 80 years of Asian tradition.