TigerChef Products Feed en Copyright ©; 2017 TigerChef. All Rights Reserved custserv@tigerchef.com TigerChef Full Size Ornate Disposable Chafing Dish Set - 11 pcs ($37.99) <p class="MsoNormal">Focus your catering on the food and leave the serving to us with the TigerChef Full Size Ornate Disposable Chafing Dish Set. Eye-catching and elegant, this chafing dish set will enhance your food presentations and create an upscale appearance at a minimal cost. This all-inclusive set contains everything you need to cater any event from birthday parties, to weddings, to anniversaries. It includes an ornately designed full size disposable aluminum food pan, half size chafer pan, elegant chafer stand, fuel holder and fuel gel can that are easy to use and easy to dispose of at the end of your event.<o:p></o:p></p> <p>Sturdy and durable, these pans can be taken straight from the oven to the buffet line and won&rsquo;t bend or break under normal serving conditions. Additionally, the intricate styling of the pans and chafer frame puts these disposables into a class of their own. Take your catered events to a new level with this cost effective and beautiful disposable chafer set.</p> <ul> <li>Chrome wire construction</li> <li>11 piece set includes <ul> <li>(1) full size ornate chafing stand</li> <li>(1) full size chafing pan holder</li> <li>(1) full size pan</li> <li>(2) half size pans</li> <li>(2) half size pan lids</li> <li>(2) fuel holders</li> <li>(2) fuel gels</li> </ul> </li> <li>High quality and durable: won't bend or break easily</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p><br><br>Retail Price: $0.00<br>Price: $37.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/tigerchef-ornate-chrome-wire-disposable-full-size-chafer-stand-set-11-pcs.html Thu, 30 Mar 2017 13:29:18 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/TigerChef-Ornate-Chrome-Wire-Disposable-Full-Size-Chafer-Stand-Set---11-pcs-277199_thumb.jpg The Jay Companies 1180257-WH Round Royal Antiqued White Charger Plate 13&quot; ($53.99) <br><br>Retail Price: $74.00<br>Price: $53.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/royal-antiqued-white--charger-13.html Fri, 07 Oct 2016 14:59:19 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Royal-Antiqued-White--Charger-13---274097_thumb.jpg The Jay Companies 1421918LD-F Round Silver Acrylic Charger Plate 13&quot; ($1.59) <p>With the Jay Companies 1421918LD-F Round Silver Acrylic Charger Plate 13&quot; you can turn any meal into an elegant dining affair. Crafted of sturdy acrylic, this bright and shiny charger is designed for use at formal dinners, wedding receptions and other first class catered meals.</p> <p>Lightweight, durable and easy to handle, let this service plate take center stage throughout the meal, while creating an attractive palate for your food presentations.</p> <ul> <li>Silver Charger Plate</li> <li>13&quot; Diameter</li> <li>Acrylic construction</li> <li>Hand wash only</li> <li>Not recommended for use in conventional or microwave ovens</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $2.00<br>Price: $1.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/jay-imports-trs-6629-acrylic-silver-beaded-round-charger-plate-1.html Mon, 18 Apr 2016 11:04:52 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Silver-Round-Charger-Plate-13--273129_thumb.jpg Round Acrylic Gold Charger Plate ($1.59) <p>Use the &nbsp;Round Acrylic Gold Charger Plate 13&quot; to dress up any formal occasion. Crafted from acrylic with a bold gold color, this charger will add style and distinction to your dining tables.</p> <p>Lightweight, easy to wash (Hand wash only) and economically priced, this gold charger plate is a fantastic purchase for any upscale dining establishment.</p> <ul> <li>Gold Charger Plate</li> <li>13&quot; Diameter</li> <li>Acrylic construction</li> <li>Hand wash only</li> <li>Not recommended for use in conventional or microwave ovens</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $2.00<br>Price: $1.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/jay-imports-trg-6655-13-round-acrylic-gold-beaded-charger-1.html Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:58:34 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Round-Acrylic-Gold--Charger-13--273127_thumb.jpg Winco PMP-12 Molcajete Salsa Plate Set 12 oz. ($12.59) <p>The Winco PMP-12 Molcajete Salsa Plate Set 12 oz. is a versatile piece ideal for serving a wide variety of food items from salsas and cheese dips, to buffalo chicken wings, Asian salads, and more.</p> <p>Beautifully designed to appear like traditional Mexican pestle, this piece will look great in a variety of special occasions. A lovely addition to any restaurant or catering service, this BPA-free, dishwasher safe plate is made from durable Polypropylene.</p> <ul> <li>Molcajete Salsa Plate Set 12 oz.</li> <li>Polypropylene construction</li> <li>BPA-free</li> <li>Dishwasher safe</li> <li>Price includes set of two plates</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $29.38<br>Price: $12.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/winco-pmp-12-molcajete-salsa-plate-set-12-oz-1.html Mon, 18 Aug 2014 12:35:51 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Winco-PMP-12-Molcajete-Salsa-Plate-Set-12-oz--262158_thumb.jpg Service Ideas 767000060 Alfi Albergo Stainless Server, 20 oz. ($85.81) <ul> <li>Alfi Albergo vacuum server</li> <li>0 .6 liter</li> <li>20 oz.</li> <li>Stainless steel interior and exterior</li> <li>Vacuum insulation will keep the contents the perfect temperature for 4-6 hours</li> <li>Comes with a push button lid</li> <li>Hand wash only, do not submerge</li> <li>7-1/2&quot;H x 7-1/2&quot;W x 5-1/4&quot;L</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $137.40<br>Price: $85.81 https://www.tigerchef.com/alfi-albergo-6-ltr-ss-vacuum.html Thu, 24 Oct 2013 15:18:45 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/-Service-Ideas-767000060-Alfi-Albergo-Stainless-Server--20-oz---187350_thumb.jpg Thunder Group SLHF2025 Stainless Steel Hood Filter 19-1/2&quot; x 24-1/2&quot; ($13.99) <p>Filter airborne grease, fumes and steam while reducing odors in your home or restaurant with the Thunder Group SLHF2025 Stainless Steel Hood Filter 19-1/2&quot; x 24-1/2&quot;.</p> <p>Featuring a durable stainless steel construction, this filter is rust resistant and is designed to withstand high volume use without warping. This hood filter comes with rugged drop handles and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.</p> <ul> <li>Hood Filter</li> <li>Stainless steel construction</li> <li>Rugged drop handles</li> <li>Dishwasher safe</li> <li>Dimensions: 19-1/2&quot; x 24-1/2&quot;</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $60.86<br>Price: $13.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/thunder-group-slhf2020-20-x-25-stainless-steel-hood-filter.html Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:02:43 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Thunder-Group-SLHF2020-20--x-25--Stainless-Steel-Hood-Filter-177114_thumb.jpg Update International WP-60SB Amber Water Pitcher 60 Oz. ($3.39) <ul> <li>Amber Water Pitcher</li> <li>60 oz.</li> <li>SAN plastic</li> <li>Single spout</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $4.80<br>Price: $3.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-wp-60sb-amber-water-pitcher-60-oz.html Tue, 05 Mar 2013 20:40:32 EST https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-WP-60SB-Amber-Water-Pitcher-60-Oz--85831_thumb.jpg Focus Foodservice KPWB9036 Dutch Oven without Cover 5 Qt. - 1 pcs ($31.99) <ul> <li>Dutch Oven</li> <li>Without cover (cover sold separately)</li> <li>5 qt.</li> <li>18/10 stainless steel construction with aluminum-clad bottom</li> <li>Easy-grip insulated black handle</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $45.53<br>Price: $31.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/focus-kpwb9036-5-qt-dutch-oven-without-cover.html Sun, 13 Jan 2013 19:16:29 EST https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Focus-KPWB9036-5-Qt--Dutch-Oven-without-Cover-78693_thumb.jpg Update International TS-HWT "Hot Water" Tent Sign ($1.39) <ul> <li>Tent Sign</li> <li>&quot;Hot Water&quot;</li> <li>With chain</li> <li>Stainless steel</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $1.98<br>Price: $1.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-ts-hwt-hot-water-tent-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:27:39 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-TS-HWT--Hot-Water--Tent-Sign-54583_thumb.jpg Update International TS-DEC "Decaf" Tent Sign ($1.39) <ul> <li>Tent Sign</li> <li>&quot;Decaf&quot;</li> <li>With chain</li> <li>Stainless steel</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $1.98<br>Price: $1.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-ts-dec-decaf-tent-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:27:38 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-TS-DEC--Decaf--Tent-Sign-54581_thumb.jpg Update International TS-CFE "Coffee" Tent Sign ($1.39) <ul> <li>Tent Sign</li> <li>&quot;Coffee&quot;</li> <li>With chain</li> <li>Stainless steel</li> <li>12 per case</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $1.98<br>Price: $1.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-ts-cfe-coffee-tent-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:27:37 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-TS-CFE--Coffee--Tent-Sign-54580_thumb.jpg Update International SCT-15PH Chrome-Plated Scissor Tongs 15&quot; ($2.19) <p>A must-have in any kitchen, the Update International SCT-15PH Chrome-Plated Scissor Tongs 15&quot; are a multi-purpose utensil for grabbing, turning, or serving food. These tongs provide a secure yet gentle grip while their scissor-inspired plastic handle ensure ease of handling. Crafted from chrome-plated metal, these tongs are easy to clean and will withstand years of use without warping.</p> <ul> <li>Scissor Tongs</li> <li>Chrome-plated metal construction</li> <li>Plastic handle</li> <li>Dimensions: 15&quot;</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $3.13<br>Price: $2.19 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-sct-15ph-15-scissor-tong.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:22:31 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-SCT-15PH-15--Scissor-Tong-54200_thumb.jpg Update International SC-30S Stainless Steel 5-1/4" Deep Flatware Cylinder ($2.69) <ul> <li>Flatware Cylinder</li> <li>Solid</li> <li>Stainless steel</li> <li>Does not include lid</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $3.81<br>Price: $2.69 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-sc-30s-stainless-steel-5-1-4-deep-flatware-cylinder.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:22:03 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-SC-30S-Stainless-Steel-5-1---4--Deep-Flatware-Cylinder--54169_thumb.jpg Update International SBC-24W Clear 24 Oz. Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 1/2 doz ($6.79) <ul> <li>Clear Squeeze Bottle</li> <li>24 oz.</li> <li>Wide mouth</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $9.74<br>Price: $6.79 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-sbc-24w-clear-24-oz-wide-mouth-squeeze-bottle.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:21:47 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-SBC-24W-Clear-24-Oz--Wide-Mouth-Squeeze-Bottle-54149_thumb.jpg Update International S69B-5BK White on Black 6" x 9" Braille "Women" Sign ($3.39) <ul> <li>Braille &quot;Women&quot; Sign</li> <li>6&quot; x 9&quot;</li> <li>White on black</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $4.80<br>Price: $3.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-s69b-5bk-white-on-black-6-x-9-braille-women-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:21:34 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-S69B-5BK-White-on-Black-6--x-9--Braille--Women--Sign-54129_thumb.jpg Update International S39-30BK White on Black 3" x 9" "No Food or Drink" Sign ($1.59) <ul> <li>&quot;No Food or Drink&quot; Sign</li> <li>3&quot; x 9&quot;</li> <li>White on black</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $2.16<br>Price: $1.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-s39-30bk-white-on-black-3-x-9-no-food-or-drink-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:21:13 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-S39-30BK-White-on-Black-3--x-9---No-Food-or-Drink--Sign-54100_thumb.jpg Update International S39-16RD Red on White 3" x 9" "Fire Extinguisher" Sign ($1.59) <ul> <li>&quot;Fire Extinguisher&quot; Sign</li> <li>3&quot; x 9&quot;</li> <li>Red on white</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $2.16<br>Price: $1.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-s39-16rd-red-on-white-3-x-9-fire-extinguisher-sign.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:21:02 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-S39-16RD-Red-on-White-3--x-9---Fire-Extinguisher--Sign-54084_thumb.jpg Update International CCB-08 Bouillon China Cap 8-1/2&quot; ($23.99) <p>Use the Update International CCB-08 Bouillon China Cap 8-1/2&quot; to produce ultra-smooth sauces, gravies, and purees. Boasting a cone shape with super fine mesh, this strainer easily prevents seeds, lumps, and other coarse matter from passing through while the pan hook allows for hand-free straining. For added convenience, this strainer has a built-in handle for excellent balance and a comfortable grip. For outstanding durability, this bouillon China cap is made from rust-resistant 18/8 stainless steel.</p> <ul> <li>Bouillon China Cap</li> <li>18/8 Stainless steel construction</li> <li>Super fine mesh</li> <li>Dimensions: 8&quot; x 8-1/2&quot; cap x 8-1/2&quot; handle</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $33.65<br>Price: $23.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-ccb-08-bouillon-8-1-2-china-cap.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:02:02 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-CCB-08-Bouillon-8-1---2--China-Cap-53018_thumb.jpg Update International CBRM-55 55" Corn Floor Broom ($6.59) <ul> <li>Corn Broom</li> <li>55&quot; metal handle</li> <li>With hanging hole</li> <li>4 stitches</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $9.41<br>Price: $6.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-cbrm-55-55-corn-floor-broom.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 11:01:31 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-CBRM-55-55--Corn-Floor-Broom--52994_thumb.jpg Update International BB-LIDB Tote Box Lid for BB-5B and BB-7B ($3.59) <ul> <li>Black Tote Box Cover</li> <li>16&quot; x 20-1/2&quot;</li> <li>For BB-5BN and BB-7BN</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $5.08<br>Price: $3.59 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-bb-lidb-tote-box-lid-for-bb-5b-and-bb-7b.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:59:02 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-BB-LIDB-Tote-Box-Lid-for-BB-5B-and-BB-7B-52868_thumb.jpg Update International BB-5BN Black 5" Tote Box ($4.37) <ul> <li>Black Tote Box</li> <li>20-1/2&quot;L x 16&quot;W x 5&quot;H</li> <li>Polypropylene plastic</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $9.80<br>Price: $4.37 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-international-bb-5bn-black-5-tote-box.html Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:58:47 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-BB-5BN-Black-5--Tote-Box-52854_thumb.jpg Omcan (FMA) HEM Immersion Blender Hand Mixer ($339.30) <ul> <li>Immersion</li> <li>Blender</li> <li>Shaft attachement not included</li> <li>1/2 HP</li> <li>11,500 RPM</li> <li>110V/60/1</li> <li>4.25&quot; H x 11.5&quot; W x 4.25&quot; D</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $580.00<br>Price: $339.30 https://www.tigerchef.com/food-machinery-of-america-hem.html Fri, 06 Jan 2012 11:00:39 EST https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Omcan--FMA--HEM-Immersion-Blender-Hand-Mixer-40904_thumb.jpg Omcan (FMA) BSB-5 5 Well Electric Bain Marie Food Warmer ($562.39) <p>Keep your appetizers, side dishes and entrees warm and ready to be served in the Omcan (FMA) BSB-5 5 Well Electric Bain Marie Food Warmer. Constructed of high quality stainless steel, with thermostatic controls, this food warmer will keep food warm and at the optimal serving temperatures for as long as required. It&rsquo;s 5 half-wells can hold configurations of either 5 half- size food pans, 2 full size and 1 half-size pan or 1 full size and 3 half-size pans and comes equipped with a glass sneeze guard, &frac12; size pans and clear lids. This 5-well electric bain marie can transform any countertop into a full service buffet table, while keeping food sanitary and free of contaminants. Excellent for restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, and cafeterias, this bain marie food warmer is also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.</p> <ul> <li>Bain Marie Food Warmer</li> <li>Stainless steel construction</li> <li>Thermostatic control</li> <li>(5) Half-size food pans included</li> <li>Sneeze guard included</li> <li>Temperature Range: 30-85&deg; C / 86-185&deg; F</li> <li>Electrical: 110V / 60 / 1</li> <li>4'' deep</li> <li>Limited 1 year warranty</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $961.35<br>Price: $562.39 https://www.tigerchef.com/food-machinery-of-america-bsb-5-5.html Thu, 11 Aug 2011 15:18:40 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Food-Machinery-of-America-BSB-5-5-well-Bain-Marie-34700_thumb.jpg Montague 43W36 Legend 45" Radiglo Heavy Duty Broiler ($12850.00) <ul> <li>Legend 36&quot; radiglo heavy duty gas broiler</li> <li>Infrared deck type</li> <li>Adjustable broiler grid</li> <li>Open cabinet base and upper warming oven</li> <li>4&quot; Flue riser</li> <li>1-1/4&quot; Front manifold</li> <li>Stainless steel front</li> <li>Black sides and top</li> <li>6&quot; High adjustable stainless steel legs</li> <li>126,000 BTU</li> <li>One-year parts and labor warranty</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $16166.00<br>Price: $12850.00 https://www.tigerchef.com/montague-43w36-legend-45-radiglo.html Thu, 05 May 2011 15:47:54 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Montague-43W36-Legend-45--Radiglo-Heavy-Duty--Broiler--31056_thumb.jpg GET Enterprises B-45-RSP Red Sensation Melamine Bowl 10 oz. - 2 doz ($133.99) <ul> <li>Red Sensation 10 Oz. Bowl</li> <li>4-1/2&quot; Diameter</li> <li>2-1/4&quot; Deep</li> <li>Break Resistant</li> <li>Dishwasher Safe</li> <li>Melamine</li> <li>NSF Certified</li> <li>Color: Red</li> <li>Price Includes 2 Dozen</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $238.00<br>Price: $133.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/get-enterprise-b-45-rsp-red.html Thu, 13 Jan 2011 14:59:46 EST https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/GET-Enterprises-B-45-RSP-Red-Sensation-Melamine-Bowl-10-oz----2-doz-28180_thumb.jpg Thunder Group ALSKSP611 Aluminum Stock Pot 100 Qt. ($97.99) <p>Conveniently boil seafood or cook a large batch of soup in the Thunder Group ALSKSP611 Aluminum Stock Pot 100 Qt. Designed to distribute heat evenly across the surface, this stock pot is made from heavy duty aluminum to withstand high temperatures without warping.</p> <p>For added convenience, this stock pot is built with riveted loop handles for a secure grip when transferring to and from the stovetop.</p> <ul> <li>Stock Pot 100 Qt.</li> <li>Heavy duty aluminum construction</li> <li>6 mm thick</li> <li>Riveted loop handles</li> <li>NSF certified</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $376.42<br>Price: $97.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/thunder-group-alsksp611-100-qt.html Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:15:03 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Thunder-Group-ALSKSP611-100-qt--Aluminum-Stock-Pot-26229_thumb.jpg Thunder Group ALSKBK012 Aluminum Steamer Basket 100 Qt. ($36.99) <p>Primarily for preparing perfectly tender vegetables, the Thunder Group ALSKBK012 Aluminum Steamer Basket 100 Qt. is also great for cooking pasta and deep-frying poultry. This steamer basket has meticulously-placed perforations for fast drainage and a pail handle for ease of handling. Made from durable aluminum, this mirror-finished steamer basket is easy to clean and will endure high temperatures while maintaining its shape.</p> <ul> <li>Steamer Basket 100 Qt.</li> <li>Durable aluminum construction</li> <li>Mirror finish</li> <li>Perforated surface</li> <li>Easy to lift pail handle</li> <li>Fits Thunder Group ALSKSP011 Stock Pot</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $149.60<br>Price: $36.99 https://www.tigerchef.com/thunder-group-alskbk012-80-qt.html Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:16:39 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Thunder-Group-ALSKBK012-80-qt--Aluminum-Steamer-Basket-25254_thumb.jpg Winco PMSB-10 Polypropylene Molcajete Salsa Bowl 10 oz. - 4 pcs ($8.49) <p>Serve salsa or other dips with the Winco PMSB-10 Polypropylene Molcajete Salsa Bowl 10 oz. The perfect companion for your nachos and chips at parties and special events, this bowl is beautifully formed to resemble a traditional Mexican mortar.</p> <p>Constructed from polypropylene, this piece is impact-resistant and exceptionally durable. For added convenience this BPA-free salsa bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.</p> <ul> <li>Molcajete Salsa Bowl 10 oz.</li> <li>Polypropylene construction</li> <li>BPA-free</li> <li>Dishwasher safe</li> <li>Price includes 4 pieces</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $19.75<br>Price: $8.49 https://www.tigerchef.com/winco-pmsb-10-molcajete-salsa-bowl.html Wed, 08 Sep 2010 11:58:26 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Winco-PMSB-10-Molcajete-Salsa-Bowl-25214_thumb.jpg Update International BM-125 Bain Marie 1.25 Qt. Pot ($3.19) <ul> <li>Bain Marie</li> <li>1-1/4 qt.</li> <li>5&quot; dia. x 6&quot;H</li> <li>0.7 mm thick stainless steel</li> </ul><br><br>Retail Price: $4.54<br>Price: $3.19 https://www.tigerchef.com/update-bm-125-stainless-steel-bain.html Tue, 27 Apr 2010 14:50:03 EDT https://itempics-tigerchef.netdna-ssl.com/Update-International-BM-125-Bain-Marie-1-25-Qt--Pot-3398_thumb.jpg