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Running Your Business Resources

These resources will help you run your business successfully

Care of Restaurant Flatware Proper use and care for flatware can mean the difference between shiny pieces and dull pieces. Read this guide and you'll find some simple ways of retaining your flatware's shininess through proper care.
Care of Restaurant Dinnerware To ensure that your dinnerware investment lasts as long as possible, follow this guide brought to you by the experts at TigerChef.
Stocking Your Kitchen Without Going Broke Properly stocking your commercial kitchen is a huge investment of time and money. Make sure you know exactly what you need and how much you want to spend on it.
Developing the Right Menu for Your Food Service Business Planning the right menu is the way to get customers into your restaurant and keep them coming back for more.
How to Ensure that Your Restaurant Will Stand Out Among Your Competitors It is more important than ever to ensure that your restaurant stands out from your competitors, read on and find out how.
Should You Serve Alcohol or Not? Whether or not to serve alcohol is a big decision. Take a look at some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.
Establishing the Right Menu Pricing for your Restaurant There are many factors that go into establishing the pricing of your menu items. Make sure you have the calculations in order to ensure your success.
How to Hire the Right Chef Hiring the right chef is key to your restaurant, use all the resources you can to find the perfect match.
Selecting and Working With Food and Beverage Vendors Working with good restaurant vendors that deal with your food and beverage supplies is vital for your restaurant. Find the right one for your business isn't so hard.
Tips For Hiring the Best Management Staff The general manager for your restaurant is crucial player in your food service operation, make sure you go over these tips to help you find the perfect candidate.
Writing the Perfect Plan For Your Food Service Business Writing the perfect plan for your restaurant is a complex and time consuming task that needs to be well thought out and presented well. Here are some basis tips to getting started.
How to Arrange Your Restaurant Dining Room Seating Arranging your dining room seating is just as important as everything else on your to do list. Here are some things to consider when arranging your dining room seating.
How to Properly Organize Your Inventory Properly organizing your inventory is important for your restaurant. Make sure things are properly stored and labeled and then you'll be off to a good start.
Preventing Employee Theft from Your Restaurant It's hard to prevent employees from stealing from your restaurant. If you follow these suggestions, your chances of theft will be greatly reduced.
Choosing the Right Bartender Choosing the right bartender is vital for your business. Read on to discover the responsibilities and qualities of a good bartender.
The Best Methods for Controlling the Cash Flow in Your Restaurant It is vital to have well-thought out procedures for controlling the cash flow in your restaurant to safeguard against theft and hopefully see a profit.
Tips for Keeping Your Food and Beverages from Spoiling Avoid monetary loss in your restaurant by following these tips of how to keep your stored food and beverages from spoiling.
How to Determine the Projected Sales for Your Restaurant Determining the projected sales in your restaurant can help you find investors and get a bank loan. Follow this formula to try to get the most realistic projected sales for your restaurant.
Is Taking Reservations in Your Restaurant a Good Idea? Whether or not to take reservations in your restaurant depends on your restaurant theme and the popularity of your business. Knowing how to handle reservations and customers expectations also plays a part.
The Common Struggles of Starting a Food Service Business There are several things that restaurateurs commonly struggle with when they opening a new business. If you prepare yourself for these struggles, it will help you overcome them and succeed.
Pros and Cons of Taking Reservations There are several pros and cons of taking reservations that are outlined in this article.
What Should Your Annual Budget Look Like? Figuring out an annual budget actually takes place in monthly increments and will help you figure out how you need to do to succeed and an overall picture of your restaurant.
5 Tips for Creating an Effective Employee Schedule Creating an effective employee schedule takes experience and trial and error until you come up with the perfect balance of staff at your restaurant.
Guide To Commercial Griddle Purchasing This commercial griddle guide can help you make the right purchase for your commercial kitchen.
How To Choose A Commercial Ice Machine Ice is a key player in any bar or restaurant so choosing the right commercial ice machine is crucial for your business. This article will help you decide what the best ice machine is for your food service operation.
6 Tips for Buying Restaurant Equipment for Your Business Follow these 6 tips for buying restaurant equipment and you are sure to make smart purchases.
Commercial Dishwasher Buying Guide Our commercial dishwasher buying guide will help you get on your way to deciding on the best type of commercial dishwasher for your food establishment.
How Can Technology Help Your Restaurant? Technology has made life simpler for the restaurateur. Through the use of POS systems, credit card processing and restaurant software, your restaurant is much less complicated to run nowadays.
Understanding the Market of Commercial Ovens
Tips for Buying a Commercial Range Hood Buying a commercial range hood is important to the safe functioning of your commercial kitchen. Know the laws and then make informed decisions about the type of commercial range hood to purchase.
What to Consider When Purchasing Your Commercial Refrigerator If you are purchasing a commercial refrigerator, there are many important things you'll need to consider, such as your usage requirements, space availability as well as your budget. This article discusses the various types of refrigeration so you can figure out what will work best in your commercial kitchen.
Wok Cooking Wok cooking is the most widely form of cooking used in Asian restaurants. For this reason you will want a large supply of woks and other important essentials to help get the job done.
5 Tips for Preparing Perfect Sushi Sushi has rapidly grown to be a favorite among a broad spectrum of consumers. Preparing sushi correctly will win over your customers and have them coming back for more.
5 Ingredients Every Asian Restaurant Needs on Hand From rice to vegetables, read on to learn about the top 5 ingredients every Asian restaurant needs to have in stock.
Keeping Your Asian Restaurant Clean Keeping your Asian restaurant clean and sterilized is a challenge that can be handled with the proper education and equipment. Keeping surfaces sterilized, dishes cleaned at high temperatures and buffets kept sanitary will aid in cleanliness.
Regional Asian Cuisines and their Characteristics Asian cuisine encompasses a broad variety of foods. Understanding the regional differences can help you decide which type of Asian restaurant you want to open.
Creating an Amazing Asian Theme in Your Restaurant Creating amazing Asian themes can boost business and differentiate you from your competitors. Try Asian photographs, Asian relics, Asian dinnerware and Asian inspired chef wear to create unique Asian themes.
Creating Healthy Asian Menu Items Creating healthy Asian menu items is natural in Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine naturally features lots of vegetables and leaner meats, so by making a few adjustments, your restaurant can be healthier than the rest.
Dessert Ideas for an Asian Restaurant There are many ways you can prepare dessert in your Asian restaurant. From offering unique desserts that mimic your Asian menu items, to tried and true classics, you can keep your guests at your restaurant for longer with a tasty dessert.
Fried Rice: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare this Classic Menu Item Preparing fried rice properly is one way to ensure that your customers will keep on returning to your Asian restaurant.
Popular Asian Cuisine Appetizers Appetizers are a very important part of any Asian menu. Here is just a sampling of the many appetizers that you can offer in your Asian restaurant.
5 Steps for Perfect Cake Decorating Decorated cakes are a big attraction at bakeries and by following these 5 steps your cakes will come out perfect every time.
Appealing to a Customer's Senses in Your Bakery Appealing to a customer's senses is important in many businesses. In the bakery business captivating smells, beautifully decorated cakes and pastries in well-lit displays can spell the difference between success and failure.
Experimenting with Unique Flavor Combinations For your bakery to stand out, you will want to experiment with new and unique flavor combinations that captivate the palate. Sweet and salty combinations and adding savory spices are just two of the ways bakers can add new twists to old favorites.
The 5 Baking Ingredients Every Baker Needs There are 5 baking ingredients every baker needs to produce delectable baked goods. They are flour, sugar, eggs, butter and leavening agents. Read about the purpose of each ingredient.
The Key to Accurate Baking Measurements Accurately measuring baking ingredients is vital to the outcome of your baked good. With the proper measuring tools for dry and wet ingredients, you can achiever the perfect results every time.
Dealing with Customers at a Bakery
Eliminating Waste in a Bakery Here are some practical tips for eliminating waste in bakeries, that can help you decrease lose and increase profits.
Managing a Team of Bakery Employees Managing a team of bakery employees is a challenging job in and of itself. Here are some tips to help you manage so you can get back to baking.
Starting the Day at Your Bakery Your day at the bakery usually begins before sun rise and requires some fundamental tips that are vital to the proper function of the bakery the entire day.
Why Cupcakes are Profitable for your Bakery Adding cupcakes to your bakery menu may be the best thing you ever did for your bakery. These small, delectable treats have a high profit margin and are a popular and trendy bakery item.
5 Cocktails Every Bartender Needs to Know Here is a list of the cocktails that every bartender needs to know before he or she starts to serve customers. They are the Martini, the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan Cocktail, the Margarita and the Tom Collins.
Organizing Your Bar: Liquor Arrangement and other Bar Essentials To run an efficient bar, it's a good idea to be well organized. Have an ordering system in place, make sure your liquors are well displayed and have the necessary bar tools and bar glassware for serving your drinks.
Keeping a Bar in Tip Top Shape Make sure to keep your bar clean and orderly with some musts like continually cleaning glassware and bar surfaces, to keeping inventory lists so needed supplies are always on hand.
Popular Pub Food for Your Customers Pub food is quickly becoming the norm in most bars. Bar owners who add favorites like nachos, chips, French fries and burgers, also notice a significant increase in liquor sales.
What Do Customers Want from a Bar?
4 Obscure Cocktails that Add Variety to a Bar Menu Serving obscure cocktails can add an appealing twist to your bar drinks menu. Here are a few to choose from.
Combine Great Food with Great Entertainment at Your Bar Have your bar combine great pub food with great entertainment, such as large screens and organized game nights, and watch your profits soar.
How to Offer Discounts and Still Make a Profit at Your Bar Making a bar profitable can be achieved by offering discounts and other incentives to motivate customers to consumer more alcohol.
Keeping Customers Safe at a Bar It is important to keep your customers healthy and safe in your bar, and here are some ways to take on this responsibility.
Mixing the Perfect Margarita Learn to mix the perfect Margarita and enthrall the customers that patronize your bar.
5 Tips for Break Room Refrigerator Organization A break room refrigerator is a terrific service to offer your employees and by following these five tips you can maintain order and cleanliness in your break room fridge. kroom fridge.
Break Room Health and Safety Guidelines
Healthier Vending Machine Options
Sanitation Tips for Break Room Areas Follow these sanitation tips to help and your employees keep the break room clean and sanitary..
Stocking the Ideal Employee Break Room To keep your employee break room fun and functional, invest in these important break room supplies that can go a long way in increasing work productivity.
5 Tips to Make Your Break Room More Comfortable Here are some ways to make your office break room relaxing and invigorating for your employees. They include the right furnishings, the right seating arrangements and the perfect temperatures.
Cut Energy Costs in Your Employee Break Room Save your business lots of money by implementing these energy cutting ideas in the employee break room.
Recycling and Reducing Break Room Waste Here are some ideas to help reduce your office break room reduce waste; from proper food storage to recycling plastic, paper and metal.
The Three Basic Vending Machines Your Break Room Needs There are three basic vending machines that employees enjoy in their break rooms including soda machines, snack machines and cold food machines.
Water Coolers: Productivity Enhancers or Destroyers? Water coolers are a terrific way to increase health and productivity in your employees.
5 Steps for Preparing the Perfect Latte Latte will be one of the most popular beverages served in your cafe so get acquainted with the five steps for preparing the perfect latte.
5 Tips for Making Your Café Efficient Here are five ways to make your cafe more efficient. They will help keep with repeat sales and help keep your customers satisfied.
Flavor Shots, Syrups, and Stir-Ins Adding flavor shots, syrups and stir-ins, such as hazelnut, cinnamon or orange to the latte and cappuccino served in your cafe can be extremely appealing to your customers.
Getting to Know the World of Coffee With the astonishing growth of coffee sales, if you run a cafe, it's important to get acquainted with the world of coffee.
What Food Should be Offered at a Cafe? There are certain foods people expect to find on a cafe menu besides an assortment of coffee. Here is a list of a few basic menu items that will give a great start to your cafe.
4 Gourmet Spins on Classic Cafe Sandwiches Putting a gourmet spin on a classic cafe sandwich can increase the popularity of your cafe and make it more unique and inviting.
4 Great Gourmet Salads for Your Cafe Add these four healthy gourmet salads to your cafe menu, and your customers will rush back for more.
5 Great Gourmet Soups for Your Café By simply adding a few different ingredients, you can take these five traditional soups, and turn them into gourmet specialties to feature at your café.
Eliminating Waste at a Café to Save Money \Here are a few simple tips to reduce waste at your cafe and increase profitability such as using real dinnerware vs. disposable tableware.
The Four Most Popular Café Espresso Drinks
Creating a Catering Plan of Action
Creating Your Catering Menu Creating a pleasing and comprehensive catering menu that reflects your catering style is the first step in attracting clientele.
Food Preparation and Presentation Tools From knives to food processors to catering displays and chafing dishes, a professional caterer needs to have tools for both cooking and displaying their goods.
Marketing Your Services to the Community
What Do Customers Want from a Great Caterer?
5 Fancy Dishes That are Easy to Prepare Preparing simple dishes in extraordinary ways can make your catering company stand out from the rest.
Catering a Themed Party Catering a themed party is a catering challenge that requires plenty of planning, but can be very rewarding to for your guests and your business.
How is Catering a Wedding Different from Other Events?
The Caterer's Event Day Checklist
Who to Hire for Catering Assistance
Become a Coffee Culture Expert
Creating an Appealing Customer Environment at Your Coffee Shop
Do You Have to Offer Food at a Coffee Shop?
Espresso: The Basic Unit of Coffee Creation
Investing in the Right Coffee Beans
4 Easy Dessert Options for Your Coffee Shop
All About Coffee Art and Presentation
Dealing with Frustrated Coffee Shop Customers
Drive Thru Window: Beneficial or Too Much Hassle?
Seasonal Drinks that Your Coffee Shop Must Offer
5 Menu Items Every Deli Needs to Offer There are five menu items that people who frequent delis expect to find in their local deli. It's a good idea to Include them on your menu to attract business.
5 Tips for Speedy Food Preparation Speedy food preparation is often the key to success for a deli. Following these five simple steps can help speed up food prep in your deli.
Coffee, Smoothies, and Beverages at Your Deli Update your deli menu with different types of beverages that can add a surprising twist to an old time favorite deli sandwich.
Elements of the Perfect Deli Sandwich Making the perfect deli sandwich is essential in your deli. From fresh bread, to fresh meats and toppings, there's more to making the perfect deli sandwich than meets the eye/
Tips for Keeping Your Deli Clean Just as important as making great deli sandwiches, your delicatessen needs to be spotlessly clean at all times.
4 Deli Side Items that Customers Love Just as important as making great deli sandwiches, your delicatessen needs to be spotlessly clean at all times.
5 Important Meats for Your Deli So that your customers enjoy their sandwiches to the fullest, make sure to offer the freshest sliced meats possible included roast beef, turkey, ham, and other spiced and seasoned meats.
6 Sandwich Breads for Your Deli The type and quality of the bread used in making deli sandwiches in your deli is just as crucial as the meat you use, so always opt for a variety of freshly baked breads for your customers.
Evaluating Ingredient Quality at Your Deli The way to ensure that your deli is offering the highes quality food possible is to evaluate the ingredients you are using in your deli.
When a Customer Wants a Deli Order "To Go" To go orders in delis can represent a large portion of your business, depending on your location. Be sure to have what it takes to prepare and wrap up those orders quickly and efficiently.
Cleanliness is Key for a Hotel Kitchen As in any part of the food industry, kitchen cleanliness is vital for the survival of a hotel. Follow these tips to stay away from contamination and infestation and enjoy the fruits of success.
Du Jour Menu Items Make Food Prep Simpler Creating du jour menu items in hotel kitchens can help utilize resources to the fullest and minimize waste.
Preparing Food in Large Quantities Preparing food in large quantities is a great way to satisfy a large number of hungry guests. Follow these guidelines to ensure that the food comes out right every time.
Serving and Seating Do's and Dont's Seating and serving the guests in your hotel is different than in other food venues. It is meant to leave your guests feeling special and pampered.
Understanding a Hotel Kitchen This article will give you an overview of the elements of running a hotel kitchen to help you figure out the major appliances and personnel requirements.
5 Tips for Making and Delivering Room Service in a Hotel Hotel room service is a luxury that some guests look forward to. Following these 5 steps will ensure that room service food is delivered hot, fresh and in a timely fashion.
5 Ways to Measure Hotel Kitchen Performance Measuring hotel kitchen performance is important for maintaining a good reputation among guests and diners alike. Follow these 5 guidelines and you will know where your hotel kitchen performance stands.
Creating a Themed Hotel Restaurant Creating a theme for your hotel's restaurant will draw your guests and other customers to choose your hotel restaurant over your competitors.
Eliminating Safety Hazards in Your Hotel Restaurant To run a successful hotel restaurant, you will need to eliminate safety hazards and train staff on proper safety requirements needed for a large hotel kitchen.
Improve Efficiency in Your Hotel Restaurant Improving efficiency in your hotel restaurant is vital in creating a successful business. As in any business, good management and clearly assigned tasks will help you achieve success.
Appeal to Customers with Ice Cream Shop Decor and Themes Ice cream shops thrive on having appealing decor and fun themes, make sure that your shop is part of this trend with inviting decor, themes and uniformed employees.
Customers Love Topping Bars Appeal to your customers love of ice cream toppings by offering a large selection of do-it-yourself ice cream toppings in your ice cream shop.
Making Your Own Culinary Ice Cream Creations Making your own ice cream creations, that are unique and special, is often the ticket you need you make your parlor stand out from your competitors and draw the largest customer base.
Types of Ice Cream Shops There are lots of types of ice cream shops an ice cream entrepreneur may consider opening, here is a brief list of what works.
What to Do with an Ice Cream Shop in the Winter Ice cream shops are associated with the warm summer months, so what is an ice cream shop owner to do during the long winter months? Read and find out.
5 Adult Ice Cream Flavors and Combinations Adult ice cream flavors and combinations is the latest ice cream trend, so get on board and learn about what consumers are looking for in their choice of adult ice cream flavors.
5 Ways to Sell More Ice Cream Follow these 5 simple steps to sell more ice cream and boost your ice cream shop profits.
6 Classic Sundae Combinations that Customers Love Add these 6 classic sundae combinations to your ice cream shop menu and your customers will love you for it.
Ice Cream Shop Equipment You Will Need Ice cream shops require important equipment to make and serve fresh ice cream, and freezers to store ice cream for later use. Investing in quality equipment will increase customer satisfaction and your profits.
Pleasing the Kids at Your Ice Cream Shop It's so important to please the kids in ice cream shops, that owners often cater to this population with brightly colored walls, kid flavored ice creams and most of all, letting kids design their own ice cold treats.
Create a Great Pizza Menu with Classics and Some Surprises When creating a great pizza menu, first decid upon the classic pizzas, then dream up and test out some unusual pizza combinations that will set your pizza shop apart from the rest.
Creating a Child Friendly Pizza Shop Kids love pizza, add to that a fun atmosphere, great food for both the kids and adults and some activities, and you create a successful pizza shop.
Developing the Right Image for Your Pizza Place There are many things to consider when developing the right image for your pizza shop, read this article and find out.
Do You Offer Delivery? Benefits of Offering Delivered Pizza There are many benefits of offering pizza delivery from your pizza shop. The main reason is that people expect pizza shops to deliver, so to stay competitive, delivery is a must.
Equipment and Materials Needed to Run a Successful Pizza Shop In this article you'll get an overview of the many supplies and types of tools and equipment needed to run a successful pizza shop.
How to Choose the Right Pizza Oven Choosing the right pizza oven is essential when opening a pizza shop, do your research and decide which pizza oven will work best for you.
Introduce Other Food Items to the Menu Depending on the style of your pizza place, you may want to add new items to your pizza menu such as calzones, sandwiches and even desserts.
The Right Decor for Your Pizza Parlor Finding the right pizza parlor decor can be a bit daunting. With so many choices, it's hard to know what will work best for you. Read on and get some ideas on choosing the right decor.
Understand the Critical Steps to Opening and Running a Pizza Shop There are many steps to opening and running a successful pizza shop. From food to location, this article will help you figure out what elements you need to make it happen.
What's the Best Type of Pizza for Your Shop? Choosing the best style of pizza for your pizza shop is a daunting task, but no matter what styles are out there, it all boils down which pizza you are passionate about.
Equipment Financing Online Application Apply online for equipment financing via our partner Kingswood Leasing. Instant Credit Decisions. No Obligation by Applying!
Energy Star Appliances, Energy Star Kitchen TigerChef restaurant supply is an ENERGY STAR retail partner and is committed to stocking ENERGY STAR appliances and qualified equipment.
Benefits of Proper Steam Table Maintenance to the Cafeteria There are many benefits to proper maintain the steam table in your cafeteria, read on to find out what they are.
Buying the Right Equipment to Cook What You Want In order to own and operate a cafeteria, you will need specialized equipment including griddles, steamers, steam kettles, tilt skillets and smokers to cook the foods your customers expect.
College Cafeterias Keep Students Ready to Learn College cafeterias have an obligation to keep their students healthy and ready to learn with healthy food options. Here are some tips on how to acco
Healthy Eating is Possible with Better Cafeteria Menu Choices Many people are opting to eat healthier foods, so start offering healthy food options in your cafeteria Try salad bars, premade salads, baked rather than fried foods and healthy drinks too.
How to Break the Rut in the Employee Cafeteria Breaking the food rut in the employee cafeteria can be as easy as altering the menu to offer food that your employees actually want, see how well this will work and reap the benefits.
How to Get More Students to Eat in the School Cafeteria Nowadays it may be harder to get students to eat in the student cafeteria, but it can be made easier by serving what they want in the quantities they will eat.
Learn How to Maintain a Cold Food Bar Learn how to properly maintain a cold food bar and increase business and profits in your cafe or restaurant.
Start the Day Right with More Cafeteria Breakfast Options Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some ways to add exciting breakfast options to your cafeteria, which can help bring in new business.
Using the Comment Card to Better Serve Clients Comment cards have proven to be successful in helping businesses maintain and grow their customer base. Learn how to maximize their usefulness.
Why More Hospitals Are Offering Diverse Menu Options More hospitals are offering diverse menu options to staff and visitors in order to attract business and provide better service to their built-in clientele.
5 Things Every Concession Operator Owner Needs to Know Here are five important things for a concession operator to consider when getting into the concession stand business.
10 Tips to Creating the Best Concession Stand Follow these 10 tips to creating the best concession stand and watch as eager customers line up at your stand.
Advertising and Marketing Your Concession Stand Advertising and marketing your concession stand is different than advertising a restaurant, but using bold signage, flyers and social media can get the word out about your food.
Healthy Food Alternatives for Your Concession Stand More and more concession stands are turning to healthy food alternatives to offer at their concession stand. Here are a few ideas on how to start adding health conscious additions to your menu.
Benefits of Running a Concession Stand There are many benefits to owning a concession stand and they all point to the benefits of being your own boss and doing the type of work that you love.
How to Choose the Right Hot Dog Stand Equipment Choosing the right hot dog stand equipment is important for getting on the road to success. Purchasing the right vending cart, cooking equipment and storage supplies can help you run a successful business.
How to Set Your Concession Stand Prices Setting concession stand pricing can be tricky business, but by following these simple guidelines you can set and establish fair pricing that works for you and your customers.
Most Popular Concession Stand Foods Concession stands sell a variety of foods, but here are tried and tested ideas of what to sell at your concession stand.
The Cost of Running a Concession Stand There are many costs to running a concession stand. Create a viable plan, taking into account every cost and consideration and chances are that you will find success.
Think Outside of the Box with New and Unique Types of Concession Foods Selling different types of foods at your concession stand like nacos, tacos, crepes and more will increase customer interest and help you find success in being different.
TigerChef Flatware Guide Visit the TigerChef flatware guide for a short and comprehensive explanation of each flatware piece used in every restaurant table setting.
TigerChef Chafing Dish Buying Guide Read this guide and learn all you need to know about the versatile, classic chafing dish, the perfect way to keep food hot and ready to serve, that comes in many shapes, styles and sizes.