Sauce Cups

The sauce cup is a versatile small condiment server perfect for restaurants, hotels, and catered events. A sauce cup can hold anything from ketchup and mustard, to sophisticated sauces such as dipping sauces, or spreads, such as butter and jam. Versatile and easy to clean, our selection of sauce cups made of stainless steel, plastic or porcelain, matches any table setting and will become an indispensible part of your tabletop service.


Wow your customers when you serve your sauces in sauce cups from TigerChef. We offer several kinds of stylish and durable plastic and stainless steel sauce cups to meet your food service needs.

Sauces are an indispensable part of food service. They enhance even the most delicious dishes to new heights. However, you also need to have the right cups to present these sauces in an efficient but stylish way. This is where our sauce cups come in.

We feature a wide range of plastic and stainless steel sauce cups that can hold anything from ketchup and mustard to complex dipping sauces and even spreads like butter and jam. They are durable and versatile yet stylish enough for any table setting. They also come in several sizes.

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Whether you need a sauce cup or sets of tableware and cookware, we are your go-to store because of the following advantages:

Quality Products – Every product we have in store goes through quality checks to ensure its reliability. They are ready to take on the heavy demands of any food service operation regardless of its size.

Well-Stocked – With more than 200,000 products in our inventory, you will surely find the exact dining or kitchen item you need.

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Kitchen Experts – Our team of experienced kitchen product specialists understand what exactly you need to help you run your food service business successfully.

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