Should You Serve Alcoholic Drinks On Thanksgiving?

No one spends more time planning their Thanksgiving Dinner than a restaurant owner. There are so many factors to consider and decisions to make that it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. One of the choices you will have to make is whether or not to serve alcoholic drinks during your Thanksgiving Day meal. This may seem like a simple yes or no question, but in reality there are a lot of variables to consider. Let's tale a look at them to help you decide whether or not alcoholic drinks are the ideal choice for you.

Target MarketShould You Serve Drinks on Thanksgiving?

As with most other decisions you make for your business, you must consider your target market. You want to appeal to your clientele and not alienate them. If you are looking to attract families with young children then your choice will be different than if you are hoping to attract middle-aged adults. The same is true for your location. When you look at whether or not to offer Thanksgiving alcoholic drinks, you have to consider whether those whom you expect to attract to your restaurant will be the type to expect drinks with their meal, or whether serving drinks would bother them.

Type of Establishment

Obviously the type of establishment your own will be a deciding factor. Do you have a bar on-site? If so, then people will expect drinks when they walk in, if not for themselves then for others. If you do not have a bar, then it may not occur to your customers to order an alcoholic drink with their dinner. The type of  restaurant plays a large role in what you can offer, or not offer, your customers. Customers of upscale restaurants will expect to be provided with a wine selection with dinner, while customers of informal, family-style restaurants will not.

Food Style

What are you serving and how are you serving it? Is it a buffet? Are you serving people a limited menu at the table? What is the average cost? Generally, people will not expect to purchase alcoholic drinks from a restaurant that serves a buffet meal. However, if they come to a sit down establishment and expect to be waited on, then an alcoholic beverage might be expected. The same is true for cost. If your clientele is eating low cost, then they will be less likely to spend extra money on mixed drinks.

Legal Issues

Finally, you have to consider whether or not you have your legal bases covered. Do you have a license to serve drinks? Are you legally allowed? Will it be a problem to acquire the correct licensing? All of this is something you want to consider well before you make your decision. Serving drinks illegally is not only morally wrong, it can be quite costly and even close down your business.

Once you have examined the various factors discussed above, you can determine if your restaurant is the right place for serving drinks on Thanksgiving. Chances are you will appeal to people regardless of which way you decide. There are plenty of people that enjoy drinks with their Thanksgiving Dinner and plenty that do not.

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