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Start the Day Right with More Cafeteria Breakfast Options

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Many cafeterias in offices and schools have started offering breakfast options. This is not only a greatStart the Day Right with More Cafeteria Breakfast Options way to bring in more business from the people you already cater to, but it also gives you the opportunity to bring in more business from those who may have never dined with you before.

The key to making breakfast work in a cafeteria setting is to offer multiple options. Not everyone will want something hot and those that do will want something different from the next person. The more diverse options you have available, the more patrons you can cater to.

Cold Options

There are going to be people who want to have something cold to eat for breakfast. This can include fresh fruit, cereal, pastries and more. An extremely popular item is yogurt in fruit flavors, served with different toppings such as granola. Be sure to maintain all of your refrigerated items at the proper temperature of below 40 degrees if they need to be kept cold..

If you have items like bread, bagels or pastries that people will want to heat up, make sure that they are left at room temperature and that a toaster or microwave is available. Make sure that all of the usual condiments are available for toast and bagels including butter, jelly and cream cheese. You will also need to have milk available for cereal, and juice for those who want it.

Hot Options

Many people want to have something hot for breakfast. You can offer things like scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles and more to your patrons. If you are going to offer scrambled eggs, try to make sure that you offer a regular version and a cheese, vegetables or something else version as well. This will give your patrons something to choose from. Always make sure to use “liquid eggs” for making scrambled eggs . The citric acid in the eggs will help to keep them from turning green while sitting on the steam table.

There are many frozen pancakes, waffles, crepes and other items on the market that you can simply heat in the oven and then put out on the steam table in the morning. Look for a good quality product that your guests will enjoy eating and this will provide you with even more breakfast options to attract people to your cafeteria.

If you also serve lunch at your cafeteria, you can use the soup wells used ordinarily for soup to keep things like oatmeal, grits or cream of wheat, hot and ready. Your customers can choose these as their main course, or in addition to the other items they may want.

Take-Away Options

If your cafeteria is set up as a cash-per-item operation, you might want to select some items that can be easily chosen and taken to the office or classroom. Things like cold yogurts, juices in bottles, or pop tarts are a great way to make sure you can market even to those that might not have the time to sit down.

Have a countertop display case next to the cash register that contains all of the take-away items you want to sell for breakfast. Keep in mind that many pre-packaged items can be sold for multiple days. In addition to the options you are making available for breakfast, you might also want to consider including some items that customers can buy for later in the day. This way you can capture some lunch business even before the lunch hour begins. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to get the food they want when they want it.

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