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Starting Your Business Resources

All the resources you need to get your business started

Acquiring the Necessary Permits to Open Your Restaurant There are lots of permits you are going to need to open your food service business. This article will help you find out what they are.
How to Fund a New Food Service Business What is the best way to fund your new food service business? Use your savings? Get a loan? Find investors and partners? The options are many.
Learning the Local Laws Before Opening Your Restaurant Know your local laws so that opening day is a success! This article will introduce you to the basics of what you need to know.
Why the Location of Your Restaurant is So Important The location of your restaurant will ultimately determine its success. A good location is easy to see, access and will attract the people that you want.
What Expenses You Should Expect Before Grand Opening Opening a food service business requires a huge financial outlay. Making a budget will help you figure out just how much you can expect to need.
Should You Take on a Partner or Go Solo? The decision to take on a partner or go it alone is a tough one. Choose wisely because in the end it could make or break your new food venture.
What You Should Know Before Opening a Food Service Business Opening a restaurant is a big commitment and challenge. Is it right for you? Read on and find out.
Advertising and Marketing Before Your Grand Opening It's so important to advertise and market your new restaurant before opening day. Create hype, excitement, and high expectations using social media, online ads, flyers and even newspaper ads, and be sure that you meet those expectations head on.
Creating the Right Atmosphere For Your Food Service Business Creating the right atmosphere for your restaurant will make dining memorable and draw repeat customers. Read on to find out how you can make this happen in your restaurant.
Should Your Restaurant Have a Theme? If you think your restaurant should have a theme, then read this article to find out the advantages and disadvantages.
Should You Open a Restaurant Franchise? Whether or not to open a restaurant franchise is a decision that needs to be based on your needs and requirements. Read more to find out the pros and cons of opening a restaurant franchise.
Meet Your Restaurant Staffing Needs Before You Open Running a restaurant not only requires knowing about the food industry, but also about staffing your restaurant and the various roles of each employee. You'll need to figure out hiring, scheduling shifts and more.
What Equipment Do You Need in Your Restaurant Kitchen? When figuring out which type equipment you will need to purchase for your restaurant, first plan your menu and your budget, and then read this article.
What to Include In Your Restaurant Design Layout You restaurant design layout is important for attracting and keeping customers. Each detail needs to be well-thought out to convey your theme and radiate hospitality and service.
Should You Buy or Lease Your Location? Whether or not to buy or lease your restaurant location is an important decision that you will need to make when you decide to open a restaurant.
Evaluate Your Restaurant Competition Before You Open It is essential to evaluate your restaurant's competition from the earliest planning stages of opening a new restaurant, and all along the way. This will help you figure out marketing strategies that will help you succeed.
Understand Your Local Restaurant Employment Laws It's your job to understand your local restaurant employment laws so you can treat your employees fairly and avoid any problems.
How to Acquire a Bank Loan for Your Restaurant If you plan on opening up a restaurant, you will want to learn all you can about how get a bank loan. This article explains the basics of how it's done.
Taking the Time to Understand Restaurant Accounting Basics When you are a restaurant owner you will need to know basic accounting so you can determine what you have versus what you owe in order to figure out your profit.
Tips For Finding Your Target Market Research and knowledge of your market segment and their attributes can help you find your target market.