Stocking the Ideal Employee Break Room

A break room is a great way to provide a hangout location for your employees. Studies have shown that the presence of a break room can actually increase productivity because employees have a place to recharge when they are feeling overworked or overtired. If you want your break room to be effective and appreciated, you will need to have some breakStocking the Ideal Employee Break Room room supplies that will make it fun and functional.

Coffee and Accessories

One of the most popular, and often considered to be the most necessary, break room supplies is freshly ground coffee and all the coffee equipment needed to keep a fresh pot on the burner. Coffee is the great unifier in an office building. Employees drink coffee to increase productivity and manage the afternoon slump that is common to so many industries. In order to ensure that all your employees can enjoy coffee throughout the work day, you'll need to have ground coffee, coffee filters, and a coffee machine. Those are the basics, but if you truly want to satisfy your employees, you'll also need to invest in cream and sugar for those who don't drink black coffee.


Many employees may choose to save money and increase productivity by bringing their own lunches to work with them. This is a practice that should be encouraged by employers, as workers that eat their lunches at work are more likely to return to their duties in a timely fashion. You can increase the likelihood that workers will consume their lunch on the premises by stocking your break room with much-needed condiments and seasonings for food preparation and consumption. Sauces such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are staples in a break room refrigerator, and employees use these when preparing sandwiches, hamburgers, or other lunch foods. Salt and pepper should also be kept in a break room. You may also choose to keep a select number of spices for employees who wish to cook their lunch in the break room.

Break Room Equipment

It's a good idea to equip your break room with various appliances and equipment that will be needed to purchase or prepare snacks and meals. Vending machines are a great way to generate some extra money for your company, and a simple refrigerator is very beneficial for employees who need cold storage for the food and beverages they bring to work. Try purchasing a panini press for gourmet sandwich preparation and of course, every break room must have a microwave for warming up food. 

Inexpensive Snacks and Beverages

A break room that is filled with inexpensive, and complementary, snacks such as crackers, pretzels, candy, and beverages is a break room that even the most difficult to please employee will enjoy. You don't have to spend a fortune to let employees know that you value their time. Inexpensive snacks almost always do the trick.

Cookware, Utensils, Dishes

Stocking your break room with basic cookware and utensils, such as a hot plate, flatware, and even dishes such as plates and glasses, will ensure that a forgetful employee doesn't have to forego eating an important meal. Basic items to keep on hand include various pots, skillets, and frying pans as well as mixing spoons and spatulas.