Adcraft Strainers

Strainers have many functions in your commercial kitchen, but they primarily serve to help you easily strain liquids away from other ingredients. From china caps that are designed to help make purees and sauces; and food strainers that can be used with thicker textures to assist in making tomato sauces; to mesh strainers can be used to strain anything from fruits and vegetables to rice and grains, we have the strainer for you. We also carry spaghetti strainers that are perfect for draining spaghetti and other pastas; and our tea strainers are used to strain liquid from tea leaves for a robust tasting tea product. Finally, you will discover that our selection of Asian strainers can assist you with quickly straining rice and produce used particularly in Asian cuisine. So whatever your purpose, you can select the particular type needed for any purpose in your kitchen.