Why Thanksgiving Weekend Has Huge Potential for Restaurateurs and Caterers

Traditionally, everyone spent Thanksgiving with their families sitting at home, but times have drastically changed and now people are beginning to see the advantages of letting someone else take care of their Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving day is a chance to unwind from the stress of work and school and relax with family and friends, rather than stand in a hot kitchen cooking and preparing all day. This is great news for restaurateurs and caterers, as it gives themWhy Thanksgiving Weekend Has Huge Potential for Restaurateurs and Caterers a chance to make extra money during this time of the year. People choose to eat their dinner at a restaurant or have it catered for plenty of reasons, all which give these businesses a great holiday bonus.

Thanksgiving Dinners

The main time that restaurants and caterers have a great potential for growth during this holiday weekend is for Thanksgiving dinner itself. Plenty of people do not want to cook their own turkey dinner for plenty of reasons. Some people choose not to because of the added stress, other families don’t have anyone skilled enough to make the dinner or no place big enough to host everyone. That is when a restaurant or caterer can help them and in turn make a profit. While some restaurants close on Thanksgiving, the ones that have enough staff to stay open will have a big advantage.

Days Before and After

Even if a family decides to make their own traditional Thanksgiving dinner, restaurants and caterers still have plenty of chances to make a profit throughout the entire holiday weekend. Because Thanksgiving dinner requires so much time and preparation, a lot of people prefer to eat out the day before or after, or even go out for breakfast the morning of Thanksgiving. This allows them to conserve their energy so they can make a quality meal. Even people who choose to have their Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant may take advantage of eating out or having their meals catered on the days before and after as well; after all, for most people this time of the year is vacation.

No Planning or Preparation

One of the reasons that so many people choose to let a restaurant or caterer take care of their Thanksgiving dinner is because it requires almost no planning and absolutely no preparation of food items on their part. Although they will still have to figure out how many people are coming and make a reservation, they do not have to worry about planning the meal itself. They simply find a restaurant that is serving what their family wants and make the reservation, which is a big relief to many busy or large families.

More Family Time, Less Kitchen Time

Everyone knows that cooking Thanksgiving dinner is incredibly time-consuming and involves being in the kitchen most of the day. Most families see this as a disruption of what would otherwise be time for their family to bond and relax together. That is where restaurants and caterers can step in and make a profit; they are able to provide the perfect dinner for their customers without any need for them to spend all day in the kitchen. That means that they have plenty of time to focus on what they are thankful for with their families.

No Clean Up

Another way that caterers and restaurateurs can benefit from Thanksgiving weekend is by enticing families for a meal that does not require any clean up. Even a small family dinner will involve a fair amount of cleaning up, including packing up leftovers and washing pots and pans that are too bulky to fit into the dishwasher. Most people don’t want to do these things, especially after eating a huge meal, and that is part of the allure of restaurants.

High Quality Food

A Thanksgiving dinner provided by a restaurant or caterer has one more advantage over a home-cooked meal: it will always be of the highest quality. If a potential customer does not want to worry about overcooking or undercooking their turkey, or making sure the food is warm enough, then the simple option is to either have their meal catered, or to go to a restaurant. Plenty of families suffer through dry turkey every year and look forward to the opportunity to have food that is guaranteed to be high quality. Restaurateurs and caterers can take advantage of this fact to get plenty of potential business during Thanksgiving weekend.

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