The Three Basic Vending Machines Your Break Room Needs

Many business owners or managers hesitate to put vending machines in an employee break room because they assume that a vending machine comes with a laundry list of tasks and hassles. It's true that vending machines can be difficult to maintain and stock. However, employees usually appreciate a high quality vending machine in their break room. You can create an excellent rapport with your employees and earn a little The Three Basic Vending Machines Your Break Room Needsextra money by having a few high quality vending machines for your workers. If your employee break room is large enough to support a vending machine, there are three basic vending machines from which to choose, each one with its own pros and cons.

Soda Vending Machines

Soda vending machines are one of the most popular vending machines sold throughout the country. Employees look forward to having soda vending machines to satisfy a sweet craving or to fulfill a caffeine craving. Soft drinks like diet soda, full flavor soda, root beer, lemonade, iced tea, and other sweet beverages will always be big sellers in your employee break room. You will most likely have to restock this vending machine often, but that will mean that you are making a profit just from the proceeds of having a soda vending machine. To acquire a soda vending machine, you will need to pay a deposit to a beverage manufacturer. The manufacturer will take care of installing the vending machine and restocking the machine, but you will be in charge of ordering stock when needed.

Snack Vending Machines

A snack vending machine is the most typical vending machine seen all over the country. It is usually stocked with nonperishable items such as crackers, potato chips, pretzels, candy, cookies, and snack cakes. Sometimes, bubble gum and breath mints are included in the bottom rack. These vending machines are popular because they provide consumers with a small snack in between meals during working hours. Snack vending machines usually feature spiral coils for dispensing the products; however, these spirals can often become jammed, which will prevent consumers from getting the goods they've paid for. Newer snack vending machines have higher tech dispensing mechanisms to prevent these problems from occurring.

Cold Food Vending Machines

One of the newer trends in vending machines is the development of the cold food vending machine. In a cold food machine, perishable food products can be stored and dispensed to provide your employees with some healthier food options besides chips and candy. For example, prepackaged sandwiches can be stored in a cold storage vending machine. You can also get individual containers of pudding and yogurt to provide a healthier snacking option for your employees. Cold storage food machines are becoming very popular, and the initial investment associated with these machines is dropping as the popularity increases.

Vending machines are usually installed by the manufacturer or the vending machine company from which you purchase the machine. The initial investment may seem high, but considering the steady flow of profits you will generate from employee purchases, it will certainly make the investment worthwhile.