Tips for Keeping Your Deli Clean

If you own a delicatessen, it is very important to keep the restaurant clean and disinfected at all times. Restaurant owners are responsible for the health of their customers, and a clean environment will reduce the likelihood of food borne illnesses being transmitted to customers. You can follow these simple tips for keeping your deli Tips for Keeping Your Deli Cleanclean.

Sanitize and Disinfect Kitchen Surfaces

The kitchen is the most important area in your deli to keep clean at all times. Because so much food comes in contact with kitchen surfaces, utensils, and appliances, the risk of cross contamination is always high. You can lower this risk, however, by ensuring that surfaces are wiped down at regular intervals with a disinfectant cleaner. Also, be sure to immediately clean up any surfaces that come in contact with raw meat or eggs.

Clean Floors After Business Hours

The floors of your deli will likely accumulate a lot of dirt during regular business hours. Customers will track dirt in from outside your deli, spill drinks, and drop food on the floor. Cleaning the floors during business hours, however, can cause accidents. Instead, give your floors a thorough cleaning with a broom and mop each evening after the deli has closed.

Clean Refrigerated Deli Cases 

Many delis feature refrigerated display cases known as refrigerated deli cases at the counter where customers order their food. Aside from meats, cheeses and other deli favorites, these deli cases may include a selection salads such as potato salad or chicken salad, fresh fruits and vegetables  and even desserts such as cakes and puddings so customers can puruse the offerings and make their purchase. Displaying these foods in a lit, refrigerated display case is a great way to sell more food at your deli, but if the display cases are dirty or messy, the opposite effect can occur. Keep your display cases and adjoining counters cleaned and disinfected. Remove all food from your display cases each night and store them in the fridge while you wipe them with a mixture of bleach and water. This will remove all food stains, stickiness, and bacteria and odors from your equipment.

Disassemble and Clean Kitchen Food Prep Equipment

If your deli slices its own meat or uses gadgets such as blenders and food processors to create salads, it is very important to keep this food prep equipment clean and sanitized. Meat slicers are some of the biggest culprits in the growth of dangerous bacteria and the attraction of pests like flies and vermin. Be sure to fully disassemble commercial meat slicers to guarantee that all the small particles of meat have been removed from the machinery. Do the same for any other machinery such as bread slicers, bread machines, blenders, food processors, mixers, microwaves, and deep fryers.

As obvious as it is, a delicatessen should be a clean and comfortable environment for customers to come and grab a quick bite to eat, enjoy a business lunch, catch up with old friends, or simply enjoy the hustle and bustle of the community. This is hard to accomplish if customers are disturbed by visible dirt and grime, sticky tables, or the presence of harmful bacteria in the foods they eat. By keeping your deli visibly clean at all times, you won't have to deal with health code violations or angry customers!

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