What You Need to Know About Restaurant Charger Plates

Restaurant Charger PlatesNot everyone is well-versed in table etiquette, and that’s okay. Over the course of your life, you might have been invited to extravagant dinner parties with fantastic table settings, including huge centerpieces, candles, fancy plates, and cutlery. Many types of plates are available, but the most commonly used in fancy dinner parties and wedding events are restaurant charger plates.

This article will discuss restaurant charger plates and how and why they are used.

What Are Restaurant Charger Plates?

A charger plate, also known as an underplate or service plate, is a decorative setting where you place other dinnerware during formal events like weddings or in fine-dining restaurants. Restaurant charger plates are placed on the table before the guests are seated and are taken away by servers after the main entree is finished.

Charger plates are available in different colors, sizes, and materials. You can choose one according to your event type.

What Is The Purpose Of A Charger Plate?

If restaurant charger plates are purely decorative, then what is their purpose? Are they used for something else? Charger plates are primarily an effective way to display your food and dinnerware aesthetically. However, they have other purposes as well.

For instance, charger plates are used for retaining heat. As soup bowls and plates are placed on top of the charger plate, they absorb the heat of meals and prevent the tabletop from getting damaged. Charger plates are also larger than other dinnerware placed on top of it, so the tabletop won’t be stained if guests spill anything.

How Are They Used?

There is proper etiquette concerning restaurant charger plates; thus, if you are unsure how to use them, follow this guide.

  • First, you must find a charger plate matching your overall aesthetic. For this, you need to consider the tablecloth, the fabric overlays, the floral arrangements, and the centerpiece. You also need to remember the plates, soup bowls, and other dinnerware you will use throughout the dinner service.
  • Now, you need to set the table. For this, place a table mat and then put the charger plate on top at each guest’s corresponding place setting. Ensure that the charger plate is in between the arranged flatware and below the beverage glasses. Each charger plate should be two feet apart to give guests elbow space.
  • All other table accessories, such as menu cards, menu rings, and name cards, should be placed in the middle of the charger plate before dinner is served.
  • Instruct your servers to place the soup bowls, dinner entrees, or salad plates on top of the charger plates.
  • Restaurant charger plates should be cleaned or replaced after each course to maintain purity standards.


Ensure your servers know all restaurant charger plate etiquette, such as avoiding direct contact with food on the charger plate, proper placement guidelines, and when to take the charger plates away.

Charger plates are essential in elevating your dinner setting and making your overall theme come together. If you’re looking to buy restaurant charger plates online, visit TigerChef. We have charger plates available at discounted wholesale prices.