Where to Buy Wholesale Chafer Dish for Restaurants

Buy Wholesale Chafer Dish for RestaurantsEven though there are many ways to ensure that the food you serve to the customers at your restaurant stays as fresh as possible, a chafer dish is likely one of the most often-used options. After all, the many benefits that chafers provide to restaurants are yet another factor contributing to their widespread use in the food service industry. So where do you buy wholesale chafer dishes for your restaurant? Search no further. To begin, let’s start with the nitty-gritty of commercial chafer dishes.

What is a Commercial Chafer Dish?

The phrase "to make warm" comes from the French term chauffeur, the origin of the chafing dish, a transportable piece of equipment crucial in the food service business. Chafing dishes, also known as chafers or chafer dishes, are the most cost-effective and time-efficient options available for reheating buffet items and keeping them warm for a period ranging from two to six hours.

How Commercial Chafers Work?

Chafers consist of a multi-tiered system with chafing fuel used to heat a shallow pan of water, which then warms a pan of food positioned above the water. The food in the pan maintains its temperature, and the combination of the indirect heat and the water prevents it from burning or becoming dry.

Other chafing dishes include electric, induction, and chafers that don't utilize fuel; however, they still use water as a medium to transmit heat and thus are excellent choices for buffets (like in restaurants).

Where to Buy Wholesale Chafer Dish?

Now that you know what a chafer dish is and how it works, it's time to wholesale chafer dishes, and when it comes to the best place to buy them, TigerChef ticks all the boxes. With 30 years of experience and over 200,000 products, we have everything your restaurant business needs to function at its best. Our chafer dishes come in various shapes, including rectangle, round, oval, square, and oblong.

Besides chafer dishes, chafer covers are another essential item needed for maintaining the temperature and moisture of your food. The most common types of lids are lift-off, hinged, and roll-top, but at TigerChef, you'll find some more attractive alternatives, including dome, retractable, and glass top covers. Regardless of the cover style, look for lids with coated handles for ease and safety.

If you want to create a more contemporary and upmarket presentation for your buffet line or restaurant food station, chafer griddles are your best bet. These rectangle, round, and square-shaped chaffer griddles are becoming an increasingly popular approach to increase the visual attraction of your food presentation. Many are equipped with fuel cell rails that safely retain chafing dish fuel, a long-lasting wire metal grill, and built-in windshields suitable for buffet-friendly restaurants.

How to Order?

To place an order for wholesale chafer dishes for your restaurant, visit www.tigerchef.com. For any further queries or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us @ (877) 92TIGER.