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Shop TigerChef's extensive flatware collection for commercial use in dining rooms in restaurants, hotels and catering halls. From basic, classic, formal and modern styles in medium weight, heavy weight and extra heavy weight, our flatware can stand up to tough commercial kitchen use. We have all the top brands you want to shop including Update International, Walco, Winco, International Tableware, Crestware, Royal and more at prices to meet any budget. Shop TigerChef for all your restaurant dinnerware and restaurant equipment and save.

Basic Flatware

Basic flatware, also known as economy flatware, is a practical flatware choice for restaurants, food courts, cafes and other high volume institutions where having shiny flatware at value pricing is imperative. Basic flatware is comprised of 18/0 stainless steel, with 18% chrome, to increase hardness of the product and 0% nickel content. This type of flatware is magnetic, meaning that it can be used with magnetic flatware retrievers and scrap blocks, which helps save on flatware loss. Basic flatware is the lowest priced flatware on the market, it comes in many fashionable styles and if cared for properly, can last for years in your food establishment. Shop TigerChef for top brands in basic flatware from Thunder Group, Update International, Royal Industries, Winco and Crestware.

Classic Flatware

Classic flatware is comprised of 18/0 and 18/8 stainless steel flatware patterns that are pleasantly familiar and have weathered the test of time. Classic patterns are often the top choices of family restaurants, catering halls and hotel dining rooms as they offer great quality, well-known patterns and match any restaurant decor. TigerChef carries classic pattern flatware from Winco, International Tableware, Walco, Update International and others for any type of food establishment.

Formal Flatware

Formal flatware is a style preferred by many restaurateurs and caterers who want to add a grand style to the dining experience. Formal flatware patterns can be found in either 18/0, 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel and are available in either medium or heavy weight styles. At TigerChef you can find flatware patterns for your formal dining table setting from Walco Farmington, Goddess, Hyannis and Illustra; Winco Peacock and Regency and Update International Shelley flatware all at unbeatable online prices.

Modern Flatware

Modern flatware is comprised of contemporary lines and curves that will give your restaurant table setting a chic and refined look. Moreover, modern flatware can be made of either 18/0, 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel, and can be either medium weight or heavy weight. If you are shopping for modern or contemporary flatware styles then the look and feel of the flatware is important to you, as well as how well the flatware choice will fit your restaurant dinnerware, decor and motif. Choose from modern flatware patterns from Walco, International Tableware, Update International and Winco from TigerChef, at our unbelievable online prices.

Specialty Flatware

Shop for specialty restaurant flatware for your commercial kitchen. We carry oyster forks, snail forks, sugar spoons, iced tea spoons, demitasse spoons and more, to fit any restaurant menu requirement.