Asian Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Get all the Asian restaurant equipment you need from TigerChef. We offer everything from cookware to tableware that are sure to fit into your Asian-inspired cuisine and restaurant design.

Asian cuisine continues to gain popularity, especially in the U.S. In fact, according to the 2018 Ethnic Food and Beverage Consumer Report by Technomic, Asian-inspired menus are increasingly liked by many restaurant patrons, with Chinese and Japanese cuisines being the most tried, and liked ones.


So, whether you need supplies for your Chinese restaurant or equipment designed for Japanese cuisine, we have the wares for you. We have cooking utensils and other cookware that’s perfect for preparing Asian dishes. We have Japanese knives and sushi supplies to add another degree of authenticity to your sashimi.

Both your chefs and your customers are bound to notice the difference when you use our Asian restaurant equipment. You can even save costs by getting wholesale culinary supplies. Go over each category below for more information.