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Commercial Juicers

Whether you want to offer fresh juices at your concession stand, or need a juicer for your bar, we have the right commercial juicer for your foodservice operation. A commercial juicer will extract the juices needed to make anything from green smoothies to orange juice and get rid of the peel, seeds and other unwanted parts. We carry dedicated citrus juicers; fruit and vegetable juicers; juicers with continuous feed options, or manual juicers to make any type of juice.


Extract fresh juices from fruits for your refreshments menu or to sweeten your alcohol concoctions with commercial juicers from TigerChef.

What are Commercial Juicers?

Commercial juicers are appliances that make it easy to extract natural juice from fruits and combine vegetables to make healthy smoothies. Unlike blenders, commercial juicers separate the pulp from the juice, creating perfectly smooth fruit juices that are perfect for creating fresh, all-natural fruit drinks. These are mostly used by juice bars, restaurants with fresh juices on their refreshments menu, and drinking establishments. These appliances can exert heavy pressure on halved fruits, making sure to maximize the juices extracted from fruits.

Different Types of Commercial Juicers

There are two main types of commercial juicers:

Manual Juicers: Manual juicers are non-electric, hand-operated juicers, usually used for citrus fruits like limes, lemons, and oranges. They come in different types, including:

  • Reamers - A handheld, low-volume manual juicer that has grooves which you press and twist firmly into the cut side of a citrus fruit to release the juice.
  • Squeezers - A low-volume manual juicer shaped like two measuring spoons. You put a halved fruit between the two and squeeze the handles together to extract the juice.
  • Juice press - A low to medium-volume manual juicer where you put a halved fruit on top of a reamer-shaped surface and press down using a lever to extract the juice.

Electric Juicers: For faster juice and more varied juice extractions, electric commercial juicers are the answer. These machines use either motorized spinning reamers or metal mesh baskets to turn fruits and vegetables into pulp and separate the juices. This type of commercial juice extractor is perfect for mixing fruits and vegetables into one super healthy glass of juice.

Get the right commercial juicer for your needs at TigerChef.

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Thunder Group ALJM001 Aluminum Manual Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 24946
1 - 3 $64.83 /1 ea
4+ $62.24 /1 ea
Winco JC-19 Juice Squeezer 19" Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 24788
1 - 3 $125.57 /1 ea
4+ $120.55 /1 ea
Nemco 55850 Easy Juicer Manual Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 51180
Retail Price:$792.00
Winco JC-4 Stainless Steel Hand Citrus Juicer 5" Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 21629
1 - 11 $11.11 /1 ea
12+ $10.67 /1 ea
TigerChef Manual Aluminum Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 270448
1 - 2 $62.52 /1 ea
3+ $60.64 /1 ea
TigerChef Commercial Manual Cast Iron Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 270449 Currently out of stock. Notify me when available
1 - 2 $200.23 /1 ea
3+ $194.22 /1 ea
Thunder Group IRJM001 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 24947
1 - 3 $207.66 /1 ea
4+ $199.35 /1 ea
Waring BJ120C Bar Juicer Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 56576
Retail Price:$332.76
Free Shipping
Ampto ES4EA Electric Citrus Juicer 1/2 HP Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 306187
$450.00 / 1 ea
Retail Price:$1,146.95
Retail Price:$803.77
Retail Price:$1,280.87
Retail Price:$5,898.46
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