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At TigerChef, we know the restaurant supply industry. Having been in the food service business for over 30 years, we are proud to bring our extensive knowledge and combined expertise to create a successful and dynamic online restaurant equipment and chef supply store. Our vast inventory covers every niche in the food business, geared to providing you with all the equipment and smallwares you need to get the job done. From restaurant chefs and caterers to small business owners and party planners, we have your needs in mind. So whether you need state-of-the-art cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, pizza equipment, smallwares, or furniture, our selection of over 200,000 products won't disappoint you. With wholesale pricing, fast shipping and excellent service, TigerChef is the only one-stop online restaurant supplies store you'll ever need for current and trending products, including:

High-quality restaurant equipment is essential for your commercial kitchen to work, but it can feel impossible to get high-quality goods. Thankfully, TigerChef can help. With over 30 years of experience, our company knows exactly what's needed to make any commercial kitchen flourish. We cater to a wide range of culinary styles. With over 200,000 products, there are chef supplies for every culture, cooking style, and kitchen size. As well as a vast range of products online, we have many more available to customers. You can call our team if you want expert advice on the best chef supplies for your business. We serve a diverse range of clients, from fast-paced hotels to the most expensive, experienced restaurants. Whatever the size of a kitchen, we have the restaurant supplies it needs to succeed. Our many happy customers are a testament to the quality of our goods. Our team is passionate about providing the best customer service. No matter how big or complex your restaurant equipment order, we will go above and beyond to provide you with exactly what you need. We can work with you to help you find the perfect items for your kitchen. Read on to find out more about the restaurant supplies we offer and how we can help your business succeed.

How We Can Help

From chef supplies to restaurant equipment - we have a wide range of goods that can help you. We know how diverse restaurants are globally, so our 200,000+ range of stock means you'll always find what you need. Read on to find out the best-loved categories we provide.

Commercial Chef Supplies

Your chefs need great supplies to be able to produce the best food. Here at TigerChef, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of excellent chef supplies. These include:

  • Kitchen knives, ranging from basic cutting knives to specialized Japanese knives and slicing and carving knives.
  • Commercial blenders - this includes bar blenders and food blenders.
  • Meat processing equipment. We stock everything you need for meat preparation, from meat grinders to hamburger presses.
  • Commercial slicers, making cutting food easy. This ranges from cooked meat slicers to onion slicers.

Selecting the best restaurant equipment can be tricky. Remember that our team is always on hand to advise you about the best items to purchase.

Tabletop Supplies

What's the point in cooking excellent food if you have nowhere to put it? One of our most popular types of restaurant supplies is tabletop equipment. This includes:

  • Plates, bowls, and other accessories for serving food.
  • Condiment holders and servers, including gravy cups, salsa bowls, and more.
  • Tabletop accessories like candles, napkin holders, and tablecloths.
  • Server supplies, such as tip trays, corkscrews, and check presenters.

High-quality, attractive tabletop supplies are vital for a successful restaurant. Contact us today to find out about bulk deals on restaurant equipment.

Specialist Equipment for the Best Chefs

Restaurant supplies can make or break any food production business. That's why here at TigerChef, we're so proud to provide the highest quality goods. Whether you need a full inventory for your new business or just to replace some broken goods, we're here to help. From gorgeous serving plates to industrial dishwashing machines, there's something out there for you. Shop TigerChef today for the best restaurant supplies on the market. You and your customers will be thankful that you did.

Miscellaneous Equipment

There are many additional pieces of equipment that your restaurant needs. We provide a wide range of products, including:

  • Commercial dishwashers of a variety of sizes.
  • Food warming and holding equipment, crucial for buffets or soup preparation.
  • Beverage equipment like specialist coffee machines, cold drink dispensers, and commercial juicers.
  • Refrigeration machinery - ranging from large commercial fridges to attractive refrigerated countertop display cases.

The items listed are just a minute fraction of what we sell. We have thousands of different options, letting you choose an inventory that is perfect for your business. We're always happy to help if you need any specialist restaurant supplies. Shop TigerChef products to see our excellent variety of items yourself.

Here at TigerChef, we're not just proud of our restaurant supplies. We're also proud of the positive impact our business has on the community and our customers. We love helping chefs across the world. That's why we launched the 'become a TigerChef' program. Chefs of any experience level can sign up and receive helpful information and fantastic discounts. Just look at our website today to find out more information. Giving back to the community is essential to our business, and we're proud of the impact we have. Making customers happy is at the heart of what we do. To show our gratitude, we run a fun monthly giveaway, giving chefs from all kinds of businesses the opportunity to receive fantastic prizes. These items are designed to improve your culinary and home life - for example, our September 2022 prize was a 40" Smart LED TV. Making the community happy is what we strive for.

We know how important supporting the country's economy is to our customers. That's why we've worked so hard to find high-quality American brands to supply us. Several brands are entirely made in the USA, including:

  • American Range (California)
  • Baker's Pride (New York)
  • Cambro (California)
  • Dexter Russell (Massachusetts)
  • Ice-O-Matic (Colorado)
  • Imperial (California)
  • True Refrigeration (Missouri)
  • Vollrath (Wisconsin)

This means that when you buy products from these brands, you can feel confident that it's helping the country's economy. Not every product we sell is made in America. However, we try to source as much of our inventory from US companies as possible. If you want any additional information about where a product comes from, just reach out to a member of our team. We're happy to help with any questions you have.

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