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At TigerChef, we know the restaurant supply industry. Having been in the food service business for over 30 years, we are proud to bring our extensive knowledge and combined expertise to create a successful and dynamic online restaurant equipment and chef supply store. Our vast inventory covers every niche in the food business, geared to providing you with all the equipment and smallwares you need to get the job done. From restaurant chefs and caterers to small business owners and party planners, we have your needs in mind. So whether you need state-of-the-art cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, pizza equipment, smallwares, or furniture, our selection of over 200,000 products won't disappoint you. With wholesale pricing, fast shipping and excellent service, TigerChef is the only one-stop online restaurant supplies store you'll ever need for current and trending products.

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As with many other businesses world-wide, the restaurant industry has been deeply impacted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19¬). In a global milieu where work from home, self-quarantine, traffic restrictions, and rampant business closures have become the norm, restaurants have been thrust into an unprecedented limelight. Although the public is being urged to avoid interactions with others, people…read more

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