Bar and Restaurant Glassware Supply

Replenish your glass supply with restaurant-quality glassware from trusted brands like Cardinal, Libbey, Anchor Hocking, International Tableware and more. TigerChef carries glassware suitable for use in bars, restaurants, dining rooms, and conference centers.

All our glassware are professional-grade and priced by bulk for the foodservice industry.


Save without sacrificing quality: you can purchase our restaurant and bar glassware at wholesale prices. Browse our inventory and stock up on superior quality drinkware.

For proper care and handling of glassware, see our Use and Care Guide for Glassware.

Why Glassware Matters

Different kinds of glassware have different applications. Whether you're serving alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages, the type of glass you're using can enhance the drinking experience of your customers.

For instance, wine glasses have slender stems so that the heat from your hand does not alter the temperature of the drink. Likewise, champagne flutes are structured in such a way that it traps bubbles that preserve the effervescence of champagne.

Drink in Style

Elevate the drinking and dining experience of your customers with functional and elegantly designed glassware. We supply mugs and glasses for different foodservice concepts, from casual to fine dining. Whether you're going for a rustic feel or an upscale vintage theme, we have the right drinkware to match your vision.