Wooden Plates

Wooden plates are sturdy, durable, and, most importantly, an appealing way to serve just about any type of food in your restaurant. At TigerChef, you will find wooden plates made of wood weave in several sizes for your food service operation - at our great online prices. Reinvent the way you present your delicious dishes with wooden plates from TigerChef.

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Wooden plates offer a unique blend of rustic charm and contemporary sophistication, creating an inviting tablescape that captivates diners the moment they take their seats. Anyone in the food service industry understands that even the tastiest dishes will benefit from expert plating and an appealing presentation. Using wooden plates enhances the look of all kinds of menu items, especially when they match the overall aesthetic of your venue. Their earthy tones and gentle grain patterns serve as a subtle yet striking backdrop, allowing the vibrancy of fresh ingredients to take center stage. TigerChef's selection of wooden plates offers a durable, eco-friendly, and visually appealing option for food service professionals. But wooden plates are not only attractive to look at, they are also durable enough for heavy use. Our range of wooden dinnerware comes in several sizes as well, letting you serve just about any type of dish in style. With these wooden plates, every meal can be transformed into an unforgettable encounter with nature's own artistry.

Size: At TigerChef, we offer a variety of sizes, including 8, 10, 12, and 14-inch wooden plates. This ensures you can cater to a broad spectrum of dining needs—from appetizers and lush salads to hearty main courses and delectable desserts.

Material: Crafted from sturdy wood weave, these plates exude a natural warmth and organic texture that enhances the colors and contours of any food placed upon them. Unlike traditional porcelain or ceramic options, wooden plates can withstand the rigors of heavy use without easily cracking or chipping.

Sustainability: In terms of sustainability, wooden plates are an eco-conscious choice. As diners become more environmentally aware, offering tableware that aligns with these values can enhance a restaurant's reputation. By opting for wooden bowls and plates, establishments signal their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and supporting sustainable practices.

Can I Put Wooden Plates In The Dishwasher?

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, wooden plates require a bit more care than their porcelain or plastic counterparts, but the effort is well worth it. Since wooden plates cannot go in the dishwasher, they must be hand washed. With proper care, these plates will maintain their lustrous appearance and structural integrity for years to come.