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Condiment Caddies and Condiments Racks

Enjoy condiment caddies and racks to easily organize your restaurant or kitchen

Our selection of attractive condiment caddies will help to neatly contain and display your assorted condiments on your restaurant tabletop. Get the most stylish and durable condiment caddies from TigerChef. We feature a wide array of these restaurant must-haves.


Condiments have the ability to enhance the flavor of any dish. That said, having the right condiment holders and accessories adds style to food service and makes condiment use more convenient for guests. Whether you’re running a café, restaurant, or hotel, condiment caddies are important.

TigerChef carries a selection of table condiment caddies that come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose chrome-plated ones, stainless steel, or a whole host of other durable and stylish designs.

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Condiment caddies organize your condiments for you, helping you to improve your presentation and keep your tables well-stocked with all the condiments that diners need. Vendors design the sturdy racks in our collections for intensive, all-day commercial use on tabletops and serving stations. Caddies hold a variety of items, including sauce bottles, napkins, straws, packaged items, salt, pepper, and jellies.

The type of caddy you choose depends on the application. Some caddies, such as the Winco Round Black Wire Caddy provide a simple tray that keeps condiments contained, preventing them from spilling out across the table. Made of heavy-duty wire, these designs are perfect for cafés and restaurants with high turnover. Other options, such as the Service Ideas SB-72 Mod18 Snack Caddy, provide compartments for holding specific items. These arrange condiments neatly and tidily, making it easy for staff to see when items need replenishing.

Products, such as the Winco WH-1 Chrome-Plated Condiment Holder, offer a hybrid approach. They feature large central holders designed for packaged items, with flanking circular holders for salt and pepper shakers or ketchup, BBQ sauce, and mustard bottles.

Caddies in our collection offer different aesthetics to reflect your restaurant’s design. Some feature traditional wireframes – great for bistros and diners – while others offer chrome finishes – ideal for fast food outlets and cafés. Being able to select caddies with specific visual appeal lets you maintain your restaurant’s theme while making table layouts more practical.

Condiment Caddy Features

Condiment caddies come with a range of features designed to make them more practical and long-lived in a restaurant environment.

Many, for instance, are made of ultra-hygienic stainless steel or are chrome-plated. These are naturally resistant to bacteria and easy to wash, either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Caddies also feature delicate ball feet. These offer smooth surfaces that prevent the unit from scratching delicate surfaces when moved.

Lightweight caddies are easy to move between tables. And many feature helpful menu holders, preventing table clutter.

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Frequently Asked Condiment Caddy Questions

Condiment caddies let you store virtually any condiment your diners might need. This includes salt and pepper shakers, sauce bottles and packets, items for tea and coffee, straws, and napkins.

Restaurants should choose a condiment caddy design that will benefit their customers the most. For instance, casual burger restaurants should choose caddies that hold ketchup, mustard, and other sauces they might want to add to their meals. By contrast, open-tray caddies suit cafés better. Coffee shops will need caddies for coffee creamers, stirrers, and milk pods.

The number of compartments your condiment caddy has depends on the style you want and how many items you need to store. Eateries with low diner throughput sometimes prefer to arrange multiple items on a single tray and then use waitstaff to tidy them between customers. Others prefer a more orderly approach, placing condiments in specific holders. Ultimately, it is your choice which is most suitable for your restaurant.

Perhaps the simplest approach is to ask which condiments you need to present and then match the caddy to them. If you want to offer a lot of condiments already in containers, such as olive oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper shakers, and ketchup, then a generic tray design may be better. By contrast, if you want a holder for just one or two bottles or shakers, then a more specific caddy may be more appropriate.

What condiment caddies are made of depends on the manufacturer. Most make their caddies from food-grade steel or chrome. Many have attractive brushed or polished metal finishes, designed to make them easier to clean. Others are made of black wire which keeps them looking attractive, even when diners spill condiments on them.

Garnish trays are different from condiment caddies. They are often made of metal or ceramic and used for displaying lemons, limes, cherries, olives, nuts, or seeds. Like condiment holders, they are easy to wash in the dishwasher at the end of service.

Caddies are also suitable for hotel lobbies and conference rooms. Use them to store coffee pouches, milk pods, packets of sugar, stirrers, and napkins. You can also use them for disposable cups and lids, making it easy for people to make drinks before colleagues, guests, and visitors sit down.