Salsa Bowls

Salsa bowls are uniquely designed to attractively serve salsas and other sauces in restaurants and catered events. Whether you are seeking the molcajete salsa bowl or a colorful melamine salsa bowl, you will find it at TigerChef, at our terrific online prices.


Serve your sauces and salsas in stylish bowls and dishes from TigerChef. We carry a range of salsa bowls to suit the needs of your food service business.

Salsas and sauces make your already delicious food even better. Serving them using bowls and dishes specifically designed for this purpose enhances the dining experience even more, whether you’re using them in restaurants or at catered events.

Our salsa containers come in a variety of colors and finishes to match the aesthetic of your business. You can buy Molcahete salsa plate sets or melamine salsa bowls wholesale for more cost savings. They also come in different sizes to meet your needs

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