Catering Equipment and Supplies

Get all your catering supplies and equipment in one convenient place. TigerChef offers everything from buffet wares to storage and transport supplies.

Recent events have made private catered gatherings more popular. In fact, Restaurant Business Online reports that the catering industry has been growing at a steady annual rate of 6%, which is faster than the growth of the entire restaurant industry.


That said, going into the catering business requires a reliable source of equipment, among other things. This is where we come in. We offer a wide range of high-quality equipment for caterers big and small.

We carry catering utensils, dispensers, buffet stations, chafing dishes, disposable and non-disposable tableware, displays, food warming equipment, storage and transport carts, and more. We have everything you need for your successful catering business.

We even offer wholesale catering supplies to make sure you get the most cost-effective deal out there.

Go over each option below to learn more about our catering supplies.


Wholesale Catering Supplies and Equipment for Catering Services

When you own a catering business, there are so many things that you need just to be able to cater one event. It's not simply a matter of having what you need to prepare the food. You also need to transport it safely without it spoiling, display it in an accessible and visually appealing manner in the venue, and serve it in an appetizing and professional way. Not to mention the beverages, decor, and supplies guests will need to eat the food! Once you've started making a list of catering necessities, it can start to get overwhelming. Luckily, TigerChef is here to help. We understand perfectly what it takes to cater an event, and we are here to provide all of the catering supplies you need to be a success. Read on for detailed descriptions of all the different kinds of catering equipment we offer.

Buffet Line Supplies

If your clients want their food served buffet style, you're going to need plenty of catering equipment to make sure everything is laid out appropriately. Lucky for you, TigerChef has you covered with all of your buffet line needs. We provide all kinds of catering supplies for buffet lines, like display trays and covers, food pans, chafing dishes, spoon rests, and more. We can even hook you up with everything you need for a portable salad bar. We offer salad bar equipment, deli crocks, and even portable sneeze guards. With TigerChef, your buffet-style event will never be lacking.

Disposable Products

When catering for an event, it doesn't make sense to serve food on reusable dishware that will have to be collected and washed once everyone's gone home. That's why disposable catering supplies are so beneficial. At TigerChef, we offer a wide range of disposable products that will help your event run more smoothly. We have everything from dishes, cutlery, cups, napkins, and even disposable runners and tablecloths. For our more environmentally conscious clients, we provide compostable and biodegradable products as well, so your catered event can be both mess-free and guilt-free.

Cooking Equipment and Holding Supplies

Cooking and preparing the food on-site is a great way to ensure that your client's guests receive the freshest possible cuisine. However, it requires a lot of heavy-duty catering equipment to make it happen. If you don't adequately prepare, your team won't have what they need to make a proper feast. Luckily, TigerChef has everything you need to cook, store, and display food right at the venue. Our online catalog has everything from portable gas ranges, outdoor grills, and outdoor steamers to countertop induction ranges, proofing cabinets, banquet carts, and even portable fryers for outdoor use. With TigerChef, you can rest assured that the food you serve will be hot and fresh every time.

Transport and Kitchen Prep Necessities

Many caterers find it easier to prepare food for an event in their restaurant or industrial kitchen and bring the pre-made food to the venue. If that's how you prefer to operate, don't worry! TigerChef still has you covered with all of your transport and food prep needs. Our catering supplies on offer include all of the necessary food transit products, such as coolers, insulated food carriers, insulated beverage dispensers, glass racks, produce crates, and more. We also have products like kitchen cutlery, disposable gloves, chefs hats, and hairnets available in our catalog for prep work.

Catering Supplies for Beverage Service

Any caterer worth their salt knows that the beverages are just as important as the food. That's why it's so important to make sure you have all the right stuff to keep your clients' thirst quenched and their palettes satisfied. TigerChef has all the catering equipment you need to serve beverages perfectly and professionally. If you take a moment to browse our inventory, you'll find products like beverage dispensers, drinkware, and even portable bars and disposable barware. And for our coffee drinkers, we also have carafes, decanters, and chafer urns.

Consumables for Your Catering Needs

As a caterer, you know that some things are just not practical to make in-house. All professionals keep an arsenal of pre-made pantry essentials to support their main courses and keep the process running more smoothly. In addition to just catering supplies and equipment, TigerChef also offers plenty of these consumable pantry staples. Check out our stock of products like sweeteners, bread, coffee and tea, meat and seafood, and even some prepared goods like desserts and salad dressings.

Catering Decor

Catering an event isn't just about the food and the beverages. A good caterer knows that presentation is half of the job. That's why TigerChef offers a plethora of decorative products to help you put your best foot forward and make sure your arrangement is visually appealing. We have various decor and display products, from pie stands and covers to display risers and even restaurant candles and linens.

Tabletop Needs

For a seated event, all of the tables must be well decorated and professionally set. That's why TigerChef also offers all kinds of tabletop catering supplies to keep your decor looking sharp. In our online catalog, you'll find tabletop products such as linens, table covers, napkin rings, vases, dishware, cutlery, charger plates, and more! With a little help from TigerChef, you'll never hear your clients complain about a drab tablescape.

Furniture and Equipment for Catering Events

If your event is being held at a venue that isn't normally equipped for seating guests, you'll need to have a backup plan so your clients don't end up having to sit on the floor. Luckily, TigerChef has all the catering furniture you'll need to keep your guests comfortable and your venue looking professional. Browse our inventory for folding tables, banquet chairs, outdoor canopies, beverage dispensers, and more!

TigerChef Is Here to Help With All of Your Catering Needs!

No matter what sort of catering supplies you're after, TigerChef can help you on your path to catering success. Our diverse range of catering equipment is guaranteed to meet all of your needs and ensure that all of your catering events are a slam dunk. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse our catalog to start shopping for TigerChef products!