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Disposable Trays

Shop our great selection of disposable catering trays, terrific for food service at catered events, banquets, and outdoor wedding receptions.

No need to worry about breakage or missing catering items. With our selection of sturdy and inexpensive disposable trays, replacements are simple to always have in stock.


Best of all, these disposable catering trays are made of heavyweight plastic which means they won't buckle under the weight of food. We carry round, rectangle, square, and oval trays, perfect for all your foodservice needs.

Some trays also feature optional lids, sold separately, so you can transport food and keep food covered before serving. Lids also provide easy and secure ways to store leftover food at the end of your catered events.

We carry disposables from vetted brands such as Fineline Settings, Emi Yoshi, and others. Invest in durable and high-quality disposable catering trays with lids today. Order yours in bulk from TigerChef.

Why Choose Disposable Trays

Disposable catering supplies come with many benefits:

Increased Hygiene and Safety

Restaurant trays and platters can carry certain viruses even with proper washing. Avoid spreading diseases with single-use trays that can easily be recycled and disposed of after use.

Cut Costs on Water and Cleaning Products

Save more on water bills and chemical cleaning products by swapping serving trays with disposables. Plus, without hundreds of dishes to wash, your employees can focus on other kitchen tasks.

A Variety of Styles and Designs

Say goodbye to traditional white disposables and choose from numerous designs that are more in tune with your restaurant's style.

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Emi Yoshi EMI-240 Round Plastic Deli Mate 14" - 25 pcs Sold As: 25 pcs Tigerchef #: 22192
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Emi Yoshi EMI-340L Clear Round Plastic Lid 14" - 25 pcs Sold As: 25 pcs Tigerchef #: 22409
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Emi Yoshi EMI-320L Clear Round Plastic Lid 12" - 25 pcs Sold As: 25 pcs Tigerchef #: 22406
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Catering trays are essential for any foodservice event. But investing money into beautiful catering trays only to see them break or wear down can be frustrating. That's why we've worked to gather all the best disposable catering tray products. We offer high-quality products and a selection like none other. This way, anyone can find the perfect disposable catering tray line-up for their needs. Shop our products today! More vendors are turning to disposable tools for their catering events, as there are many benefits to using disposable items over reusable catering trays. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing disposable catering tray products from TigerChef.

A Professional Look for All Events

When you cater an event, guests will judge your team based on the food you serve. But even if you have the most delicious food, you need to appear as professional as possible. The perception of being amateur or cheap will hold back your catering business. Thus, having the right look for your catering trays is essential. To help vendors maintain a professional and experienced image, we provide appealing, beautiful disposable catering tray options. From our shimmering disposable crystal trays to sophisticated cake pedestals, you can beautifully serve delicious food. When it comes to traditional products vs. disposable catering trays, you don't need to sacrifice appearances to get all the benefits of disposable items. And you can feel comfortable bringing your products to any event. Whether it's an indoor banquet or an outdoor wedding, provide appealing dishes without worrying about how they'll be treated. Guests will appreciate the look of dishes while also being able to fully enjoy the event. And you can focus on what you do best — making delicious food!


Forget about flimsy plastic or paper utensils you may find elsewhere. TigerChef is committed to providing only the sturdiest disposable catering tray products. Our catering trays are made of heavyweight plastic. That means that no matter how much food guests pile onto their plates, our products will stand up to the task. Another pro of our durable products is that servers can work with confidence. No one needs to tiptoe on eggshells when working with TigerChef products, as these items won't buckle under the weight of food. The way your team works and serves can continue as normal. At an event, people don't want to worry about whether their plate can handle what they're putting on it. While unstable plates will paint you as a cheap vendor, these disposable catering trays will only improve the guests' experience.

Increase Profits and Inventory

If you use reusable items, you may find yourself needing to replace and fix containers and plates. Not only is that money down the drain, but it's also time spent on tracking the condition of items. Not to mention wondering if you have the right supplies ready for your next event. With a disposable catering tray supply, there's no need to fix or replace items. That means you can easily predict exactly how much you'll spend on serving dishes and plates in advance. No more unexpected bills to replace broken or missing pieces. You also don't need to waste time finding the cake stands from the last event or the right number of trays. Just grab what you need for each event and know that each piece is ready to go. All of that time and energy is better spent elsewhere to ensure your events are a success.

Easy Clean-Up

How much time do you and your team spend carefully cleaning up after an event? Everyone gathers all the dishes, plates, and utensils. And once everything is gathered, it's time to properly transport and clean everything. These tasks can add up to a lot of time and energy spent just on catering trays. But when you go disposable, you can have your team out quickly! In fact, guests are probably doing some clean-up themselves, disposing of plates as the event goes on. That's less for your team to worry about throughout the event and after. Simply dispose of your catering trays during and after the event. Now a major task is out of the way, and you can move on to more important duties. Your team will appreciate having one more thing off their list of tasks, and you can see the decrease in time spent at the event cleaning.

Work Faster and More Efficiently

When you are catering an event, you want to make sure the food is delicious. That should be the focus of the entire catering team. But is the focus truly the food when they are concerned with not breaking dishes and plates? No one wants to be responsible for seeing a plate shatter. And no one wants to lose items either! With disposable catering tray items, teams work quickly with greater efficiency. That's because they can trust that the dishes will take whatever they need to. And dropping or misplacing an item won't result in a bigger, added problem. Time doesn't need to be spent tracking down a few lost catering trays when they are easily and affordably replaceable. Nor do you need to clean up and replace a broken dish. If you want a happier and more efficient team, disposable is a great way to remove a little added stress. Teams can work as fast as possible during the event without the concern of keeping dishes safe.

Find Various Shapes and Sizes

Not every catering tray is right for every vendor or every event. That's why TigerChef has found disposable catering tray options in every possible shape and size. We also have items that feature optional lids. These are sold separately, so you only pay and get what you need! Our disposable catering tray selection includes round, rectangle, square, oval, and even triangle trays! You can find the shapes and sizes that work best for the dishes you serve, how they are served, and what fits each event's aesthetics. And the optional lids mean that you don't need to pay for something you won't use. But if you choose to purchase the lids, you can easily keep food covered before serving. This is ideal for any outdoor events in which keeping food safe from buzzing creatures is a must.

Reduce Food Waste

At the end of an event, do you find yourself throwing out perfectly good food? After a long event, that might feel like the best option. It means not having to worry about how to transport the extras or packaging anything. But with disposable catering trays, forget about food waste. Easily pack up any leftovers and distribute them. Whether hosts want to take home extras or you share amongst the team. You can easily transport and leftovers from the event. No matter who goes home with the leftovers, you don't have to worry about losing reusable dishes or plates to anyone. With such good food to go around, you don't want to see perfectly good meals in the trash. Guests are free to bring home any extra food in our disposable trays.

Shop TigerChef Catering Trays

There are so many benefits when you choose disposable catering tray products over reusable! They look great, could save you time and money, and they can fit whatever you need for a successful catering event. Unfortunately, not all disposable catering trays are just as good as others. Make sure you only get the most sturdy, lightweight, and stylish catering trays, all at an affordable price. For the best disposable catering tray selection that's simple to purchase and ship, TigerChef is your one-stop-shop. We have all the products you need to get the right disposable catering trays for your next event!