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Commercial Blenders

Expand your menu options with commercial blenders, bar blenders and food blenders, perfect for any size and style food establishment. Blend foods such as creamy soups, healthy smoothies, and tasty purees with a reliable food blender. Make blended iced coffee drinks, margaritas, and other mixed drinks with a bar blender, perfect for bars, cafes and restaurants.


Create a variety of dishes for your food business, from soups and purees to shakes and smoothies with powerful commercial blenders from TigerChef.

What are Commercial Blenders?

Commercial blenders are kitchen equipment used in food establishments to mince, mix, and liquify different food ingredients. Compared to regular home blenders, commercial blenders are more powerful and usually have more capacity. Their large jars are placed on an electric motor base with super sharp rotating blades. They are quite sturdy and can withstand repeated use throughout the day. Commercial blenders are used mostly in coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. With a commercial blender, you can mix drinks, puree vegetables for soups, and crush ice and fruits together to make smoothies.

Types of Commercial Blenders

Bar Blenders: As the name suggests, bar blenders are usually the ones used in pubs, taverns, and other drinking establishments. Most of these blenders have clear jars for product visibility, but don’t have the most powerful blades since they’re mostly used for liquids.

Food Blenders: Food blenders are designed for frequent and continuous operation, blending solids without burning out the motor. These blenders are equipped with tough blades and a powerful motor, so it can break down solid ingredients like ice, fruits, and vegetables with ease to make thick smoothies and milkshakes without a problem.

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