Keep your coffee piping hot and fresh over long periods of time in a coffee airpot. An absolute necessity for restaurants, hotels catering operations and break rooms that are keen on offering self-service coffee and other hot beverages to their customers and guests, our variety of coffee airpots can suit any commercial enterprise. We offer coffee airpots for decaf coffee with orange levers, while regular coffee airpots have brown or black levers. We also carry airpots with glass liners or stainless steel liners, depending on your needs. Glass liners have a heat retention time of 6-8 hours, and are perfect for low volume use, while stainless steel liners offer heat retention of 4-6 hours and are durable and sturdy enough for high volume use. All airpots should be handwashed after use. Select from top brands BUNN, Service Ideas, Update International, Thunder Group, Focus Foodservice, and others at our great online prices.