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Coffee Airpots

Add an airpot to your beverage station

Keep your coffee piping hot and fresh over long periods of time in a coffee airpot. An absolute necessity for restaurants, hotels, catering operations and break rooms, our variety of coffee airpots can suit any commercial enterprise that offers self-service coffee and other hot beverages to their customers and guests. We offer coffee airpots for decaf coffee with orange levers, while regular coffee airpots have brown or black levers. We also carry airpots with glass liners or stainless steel liners, depending on your needs. Glass liners have a heat retention time of 6-8 hours, and are perfect for low volume use, while stainless steel liners offer heat retention of 4-6 hours and are durable and sturdy enough for high volume use. All airpots should be hand washed after use. Select from top brands including Service Ideas, Thunder Group, Winco and others at our great online prices.


With our extensive collection of airpots, you can keep your coffee hot and fresh for hours! Airpots keep your drinks hot and customer ready for several hours without scorching or tainting the flavor. Furthermore, a stainless steel airpot is ideal for any setting, including convenience stores, restaurants, offices, catered events, diners, and more. Are you looking to add multiple airpots to your beverage station? Be sure to check out our airpot racks.

At first glance, airpots may not seem like an essential piece of restaurant equipment. However, these simple yet practical devices can have a significant impact on your business. Airpots keep coffee and tea hot for hours, which is ideal for busy restaurants that need to serve their customers quickly. In addition, airpots help to preserve the flavor of your beverages by preventing them from oxidizing. As a result, your customers will enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea every time they visit your restaurant. In addition, airpots are highly durable and easy to clean, which means you'll save money on replacement costs in the long run. For all these reasons, airpots are an essential investment for any restaurant owner.

Airpots are a must-have accessory for any business that wants a convenient way to serve hot beverages. Here's why:

  1. Airpots keep coffee and tea hot all day long.

  2. They're perfect for conferences, office meetings or catering jobs.

  3. They add a touch of elegance to any setting.

  4. Airpots are easy to use and clean up quickly.

We offer stainless steel or black finishes that will best suit your business' décor. Did you know we also carry airpots with glass liners and stainless steel liners? Glass-lined airpots allow for longer heat retention. However, they may not be the most durable choice for a busy restaurant. If durability is important to you, you can find an airpot made of stainless steel. Shop airpots for industry-leading brands such as Royal, Crestware, BUNN and more. Look no further for airpots for your beverage station than TigerChef.

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Crestware APL22G Glass Lined Airpot 2.2 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 82122
Crestware APL30S Stainless Lined Airpot 3 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 82127
Royal ROY AP 20 Stainless Steel Air Pot 2 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 72335
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Royal ROY AP 30 Stainless Steel Air Pot 3 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 72337
Royal ROY AP 35 Stainless Steel Air Pot 3.5 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 72338
Crestware APL25G Glass Lined Airpot 2.5 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 82124
Crestware APL30G Glass Lined Airpot 3 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 82126
Royal ROY AP 25 Stainless Steel Air Pot 2.5 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 72336
This item is backordered. Order now to reserve.
Thunder Group ASPS030 Lined Airpot 3.0 Lt / 101 oz. Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 77726
Crestware APL22S Stainless Lined Airpot 2.2 Liter Sold As: 1 ea Tigerchef #: 82123
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