Disposable Take-Out Containers and Supplies

Whether for taking home leftovers or purchasing take-out meals, customers need reliable packaging that preserves the quality of food, prevents leaks, and maintains food-safe temperatures. At TigerChef, you can get all that and more.

We supply foodservice operations with quality disposable take-out containers, from single-use plastics to recyclable to-go boxes. Choose from our huge selection of disposable containers, available in different shapes and sizes.


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The Different Types of Take-Out Container Materials

Take-out containers come in different materials -- from plastic and foam to more eco-friendly Bagasse and Sugarcane varieties. Select from the following constructions, depending on your business's needs.

Foil: A popular choice for Italian restaurants and pizzerias, foil containers are great for reheating leftovers in the oven.

Paper: Paper take-out containers are an eco-friendly alternative to foil, foam, and plastic. They come in many different sizes and are commonly used in Chinese restaurants and used for pizza take out.

Foam: Although they are not microwaveable unless they bear the EPS symbol, foam take-out containers can regulate temperatures very well to keep foods warm or cold for longer periods.

Plastic: Sturdy and versatile, plastic containers are usually microwave and freezer-safe. Most brands have have recyclable options for their plastic takeout containers.

Sugarcane/Bagasse: For a truly environmentally-friendly option, choose sugarcane takeout containers that are compostable and biodegradable.