Commercial Pasta Machines

Any chef knows that fresh, homemade pasta has a texture and flavor that is much better than the dried, store bought kind. This makes it worth the extra effort to use homemade pasta in their signature pasta dishes. Much more economical and much tastier than the store bought type, pasta makers are also a favorite in many homes. Shop our selection of easy to operate pasta machines and pasta makers that will have you cranking out fresh pasta in no time at all.


Develop your restaurant’s own pasta from scratch with the help of commercial pasta machines from TigerChef.

What are Pasta Machines?

A commercial pasta machine is a piece of equipment that transforms pasta dough into the strings of pasta noodles you know and love. With this tool, all you need is to mix all your ingredients to make pasta dough, then feed it into the pasta machine to get perfectly unique and fresh pasta every time. This tool comes in motor-driven and hand-cranked varieties. Often made from stainless steel, a pasta machine has a set of rollers that flattens and stretches the pasta dough, with the thickness depending on the setting you selected. It also has attachments that cut the flattened dough into various sizes of pasta strips. This is a perfect piece of equipment for restaurants that offer gourmet food. With homemade, unique pasta dishes, you can give your patrons fresh food they can’t get anywhere else.

Fresh Pasta Tastes Better

Making your own pasta from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. But once you master it, you can produce fresh and exceptionally flavored pasta. This will translate into the tasty dishes you can make with it. In addition, making your own pasta allows you to experiment. You can add different spices into the dough and adjust the thickness of the pasta based on how well you want it to absorb the flavor of the sauces. You can’t achieve this level of control with store-bought pasta. Offer the best pasta dishes to your customers as you make your own with the help of TigerChef’s commercial pasta machines.

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