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Cut-Resistant Gloves

Protect your chefs hands with cut resistant gloves for commercial kitchen use. Cut resistant gloves are made of puncture resistant materials that will protect you from cuts, yet are lightweight and comfortable. Shop top brand puncture resistant gloves and find the gloves that best suit your kitchen crew.


Protect your most precious assets—your hands—with our range of chef cut-resistant gloves.

Safety is always a top priority in a commercial kitchen. A multitude of tasks, from making sure that ingredients and food items are fresh to keeping a fire extinguisher close just in case, help keep hazards at bay. Apart from food freshness and fire safety, one other thing you need to ensure is safety for staff members in charge of slicing, cutting, and chopping ingredients.

Enter our chef gloves for cutting.

Dealing with knives and other sharp objects is an occupational hazard in a commercial kitchen. For this reason, equipping the chef and cooks with metal or steel mesh gloves for cutting is a must. They keep your fingers safe from accidental cuts and help you and your kitchen avoid a lot of painful downtime.

Our gloves are food-safe, flexible, and useful for a wide variety of food preparation tasks, from using a mandoline to shucking oysters.

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