Restaurant Condiment Holders

Keep your condiments well-organized with high-quality condiment holders. TigerChef curates high-grade organizers from top brands like Dispense-Rite, Winco, Thunder Group, and Royal ROY.

Whether you need squeeze bottles, salt and pepper shakers, or cruet sets, we have the right condiment holder to match your operation's requirements, tabletop layout, and overall theme.


Choose from our extensive selection of condiment containers for restaurants. Whatever you're serving, we have the condiment holder that you need -- from caddies that can hold several condiments at once to pourers that enable easy sprinkling of toppings on beverages.

Equip your kitchen with affordable yet durable condiment holders. Browse our inventory and get yours today.

A Guide to Buying Condiment Containers

When purchasing condiment organizers, it's important to familiarize yourself with the different options available in the market. Here are the common types that you should be aware of:

Shakers: They usually come in a cylindrical design with a perforated top that allows easy dispensing of spices, seasonings, salt, pepper, cheese, and more.

Pourers: They are often cylindrical and feature a pouring spout that can be closed when not in use; commonly used to store and dispense sugar.

Squeeze Bottles: A cylindrical container that dispenses sauces and dips from the spout, when squeezed.

Cruets: Often used to serve oil and vinegar, cruets are typically made from glass and stainless steel.

Mills: Used to grind salt and pepper, mills come in wooden, acrylic, and stainless steel designs.

Syrup Dispensers: They usually come in round or cylindrical designs and feature a handle and spout that efficiently dispenses syrup.

Browse our inventory today, for a complete list of the condiment holders and organizers that we carry.