Salad Bar Tools and Equipment

TigerChef is your one-stop shop for all the essential tools needed to run a successful salad bar. Whether you're serving healthy greens in a restaurant or a buffet setting, we have the right tools and equipment to meet your needs.

Choose from our wide array of salad bar equipment sourced from trusted brands like Winco, GET Enterprises, Crestware, and TigerChef.


Invest in well-crafted salad bar supplies. Browse our inventory and order today.

Salad Bar Crocks, Pans, and Accessories

Preserve the freshness of greens and pre-cut vegetables by storing them in easy-to-clean melamine crocks and pans. They come in various colorways, so you can choose one that complements your salad bar's aesthetic.

Salad Bar Organizers

Enhance your buffet table with salad bar organizers that keep your station clean and tidy. They come in different cut-out shapes to fit various sizes of crocks, pans, and carafes.

Salad Bar Utensils

From tongs to slotted spoons, we carry all the salad bar utensils you need. We offer products that are not just functional but also aesthetic.

Sneeze Guards

Protect your food items from contaminants by installing food shields over your salad bar. Choose from our durable glass and acrylic designs that come in various shapes and sizes.