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Commercial Mixers

From mixing dough for fresh bread in large bakery chains to mixing cookie batter at the corner cafe, we carry the right commercial mixer for your baking needs.

At TigerChef, we curate premier quality commercial food mixers from leading brands like Omcan, Alfa International, Thunderbird Machinery, and Atosa. Select from our standard and heavy duty mixers then choose the required bowl capacity, speed, and attachments.


Enjoy hands-free mixing, increased efficiency, and less mess with our top-of-the-line commercial restaurant mixers. Browse TigerChef's inventory and place an order today.

The Different Types of Commercial Mixers

The type of mixer you choose depends on three main factors: dough volume, type of goods you bake, and the size of your work space. Here are the types of mixers commonly used by professional chefs and bakers:

Spiral Mixers

A popular choice among bakers, spiral mixers rotate doughs in both directions which ensures proper dough consistency and well-blended ingredients each time. They come in a range of sizes to meet various target dough outputs.

Planetary Mixers

While planetary mixers are great for mixing and kneading dough, with the proper attachments, they can also be used to slice vegetables, mince meat, and grate cheese. This type of versatility makes planetary mixers an excellent addition to all types of commercial kitchens