Commercial Pasta Cookers

Similar to a deep fryer, a commercial pasta cooker is filled with water rather than with oil, so you can boil spaghetti and other types of pasta to perfection. With the use of fryer baskets, similar to ones you will find alongside your deep fryer, you can easily boil large quantities of pasta without worrying about sogginess. We also carry pasta cookers with rinse stations so your chef can quickly rinse off the pasta to prevent sticking. Our selection of commercial pasta cooker are available in several capacities, and will enable you to make our favorite pasta recipes taste even better.

Pitco SSRS14 Rinse Station for Gas Pasta Cooker 10 Gallon Sold As: 1 ea
Finance as Low as $60/month
Pitco SSPG14 Solstice Supreme Gas Pasta Cooker 12 Gallon Sold As: 1 ea
Finance as Low as $132/month