Break Room Supplies and Furniture

Make sure your employees are well-rested and have excellent morale with the help of break room supplies from TigerChef. We carry everything from durable drinkware to commercial break room furniture.

It has been a long-established scientific fact that taking regular breaks can boost morale, focus, and productivity in the workplace. That said, the quality of the break should also be taken into account. This is where our break room supplies come in.


With our selection of drinkware, equipment, furniture, and supplies that are geared towards providing each member of your team with a relaxing and refreshing break experience, you can also rest assured that they will be giving it their all when they get back to work.

We also carry coffee supplies that are perfect for giving everyone that energy boost, whether at the start or in the middle of a busy day at work. Disposable paper goods make cleaning up a breeze as well.

Go over each category below to learn more about our break room supplies.