Meat Processing Equipment

Whatever types of meat your butcher prepares, we carry the meat processing equipment required to help achieve the task quickly and efficiently. From electric bone and meat saws, meat grinders, meat mixers, hamburger patty presses and jerky guns; to sausage stuffers, sausage seasonings and sausage stuffer accessories, our full line of equipment will satisfy any meat professional. Perfect for butcher shops, supermarket meat departments, or restaurants, our meat processing equipment can help you prepare the meat you need to create your signature dishes.


Prepare tender steaks and juicy burgers for your customers with the aid of commercial meat processing equipment from TigerChef.

What is Commercial Meat Processing Equipment?

Meat processing equipment consists of machines and appliances that cut and process animal meat into food. These include meat grinders, tenderizers, bone saws and more. Usually crafted from stainless steel to prevent bacteria growth, meat processing equipment often comes in either hand-operated or electrically-operated models. These pieces of equipment are essential in restaurants, butcher shops, supermarkets, and other foodservice businesses that want to serve fresh quality meat products to their patrons.

Meat processing equipment ensures that you know exactly what goes into the food you’re serving, which may not always be true for mass-produced meat products. In addition, preparing and processing your own meat products allows you to choose only the best cuts of meat. The taste of the meat products you serve in your food establishment also depends on how they have been processed. With your own meat processing equipment, you can add your own blend of seasonings and spices to products like beef patties and sausages.

Types of Commercial Meat Processing Equipment

At TigerChef, you’ll find various types of meat processing equipment, including:

Meat tenderizers - Tools that take the toughness out of meat and enables each cut to absorb spices and marinades better.

Meat and bone saws - Sharp cutting instruments designed to cut through meat and bone with ease.

Patty presses - A tool to make hamburger patties in a consistent size and shape.

Meat grinders - A machine that rapidly and easily chops and grinds various cuts of meat.

Meat mixers - Machines that are used to easily mix and blend large batches of ground meat with seasoning, fat, and water for savory meat products like sausages.

Sausage stuffers - Tools that push mixed and seasoned meat into their casings with minimal air pockets.

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