Transport Carts and Dollies

Every food service organization needs a variety of transport carts and dollies to move items around. From moving deliveries from the commercial kitchen entrance into the storage room to moving tables around the catering hall, your food establishment is a busy, thriving organization with many different transport needs. Shop our selection of hand trucks, platform carts, utility carts, dollies, and more for every aspect of your food establishment.

Our transport carts and dollies are versatile tools, ideal for a variety of tasks within a commercial kitchen, catering hall, or any food service setting. They are crucial for moving deliveries from the entrance to storage areas, rearranging furniture and equipment for events, and ensuring the smooth flow of supplies from the pantry to the kitchen. Our extensive collection at TigerChef includes a comprehensive range of transport carts and dollies designed to address every aspect of operational mobility in your food service establishment. Each transport cart and dolly in our collection is designed with durability and ease of use in mind. From sturdy hand trucks ideal for heavy lifting to multi-shelf utility carts for carrying smaller items, these tools are built to withstand the busy food service environment. Their robust construction ensures longevity, even with frequent and heavy use, while their user-friendly designs promote ease of maneuverability and functionality.

By facilitating the swift and effortless movement of items, they help save time and reduce the physical strain on staff, allowing them to concentrate on providing top-quality service. In settings where quick turnaround is key, such as in catering or banquet services, these tools are especially valuable. Apart from efficiency, safety is a major consideration in the design of our transport carts and dollies. They help minimize the risk of injuries associated with lifting and moving heavy items, ensuring a safer working environment for your staff. Proper handling and transportation of kitchen equipment and supplies are crucial in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe workplace. Recognizing that every food service operation has unique needs, our selection includes a variety of sizes and styles of transport carts and dollies. Whether you require a compact dolly for a small cafe or a large, heavy-duty cart for a busy restaurant, our range has options to suit every requirement.