Hotel Food Service Supplies

Conveniently get all the hotel supplies you need from one store. TigerChef carries a wide selection of hospitality restaurant supplies that you can easily order online.

The hospitality industry is returning to form. According to Hospitality Net, hotels, inns, resorts and the like are well on their way to coming back in full strength. So, if you’re running a similar business, every advantage matters to stay on top of the competition.


This is where our wares come in. We have a variety of hotel restaurant supplies – everything from dining and buffet necessities to cleaning equipment, even to Covid-19 essentials. Our products can completely outfit your hotel restaurant and room service. You can even conveniently order our hotel supplies online.

Also, the option to purchase wholesale hotel supplies makes every purchase as cost-effective as possible. The quality, reliability, and durability of our products save you money in the long run as well.

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