Improve Efficiency in Your Hotel Restaurant

A hotel restaurant is a complicated and many-faceted enterprise. There are many different roles that must be filled by different employees in order to make hotel restaurants run smoothly and efficiently. Identifying the gaps in efficiency for your hotel restaurant can be difficult for many hotel owners, but this is an important part of improving the overall operation of your restaurant. If you know that your hotel kitchen and restaurant is not running as smoothly Improve Efficiency in Your Hotel Restaurantas it could, fixing a few main issues may be all that is needed.

Assign Staff to Stations

When employees are placed in charge of many different tasks, it is easier for something important to slip through the cracks. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to boost efficiency in a hotel restaurant is to assign each employee to a specific work station that requires the completion of specific tasks. Different stations can include wait staff, seating staff, food prep staff, cooking staff, management staff, and cleanup staff.

Keep Detailed Inventory Lists

Detailed inventory lists will also help to improve the efficiency of your hotel's kitchen and restaurant. These inventory lists should contain information about the ingredients contained your hotel kitchen, the quantity that the kitchen has on hand, and the specific location where these ingredients are stored. When employees know where the ingredients they need are located, the overall efficiency of your restaurant will improve.

Establish a Kitchen Hierarchy

A hotel kitchen and restaurant cannot be efficient unless there is a clearly established kitchen hierarchy. Employees need to know who their superiors are, and superiors need know what their subordinates responsibilities are.

Provide Regular Performance Reviews for Employees

The employees in your hotel kitchen are the driving force behind the overall efficiency of your kitchen and your hotel restaurant. If employees are inefficient, inexperienced, poorly trained, or generally poor workers, the efficiency of your kitchen and restaurant is likely to suffer. While some hotel kitchen managers or hotel owners want to blame problems on their employees. the cause of the problem can usually be attributed to the management rather than on the employees themselves.

A single employee cannot accurately see how his or her individual actions affect the operation of the hotel kitchen as a whole. It is the manager or owner's responsibility to provide regular performance reviews that explain to an employee how he or she can improve work performance and hone in on important kitchen tasks. Without these official performance reviews, employees will not know what changes need to be made.

Shouting directions and orders in the midst of kitchen chaos is not an effective way to teach employees and improve efficiency. Employees will not react well to these spur of the moment orders or commands. This method of instruction doesn't usually provide effective training, nor is it likely to create effective change; nor affect an improvement in employee performance. With a professional performance review meeting, however, hotel kitchen managers can provide insights into the work quality of each and every employee in a productive and professional manner.

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