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At we take pride in offering a fantastic selection of restaurant equipment and supplies, followed up by stellar customer service. We want you to be thrilled with your experience, and invite you to contact us at any time.

Product Availability & Pricing

We currently offer more than 15,000 items in our online catalog, and are working at adding more every week. We plan to be the largest online supplier of restaurant supply online, already offering more than 250,000 unique items through direct sales. All this, and highly competitive pricing - up to 70% off list prices.

Case Pricing

Some items, such as glasses and dinnerware, are sold by the case. This is a requirement of many manufacturers due to order amounts as well as "all-in-one-piece" delivery. Actual pricing for these items is commonly displayed by the dozen, and we post the dozen pricing to allow for easier price comparison.

On such product pages, the unit requirement will be clearly listed and the price you pay for a case will display right above the Add to Basket button.

We make every effort to provide competitive pricing for even the smallest of purchases. And since we offer often "grouped" items separately - such as flatware - ordering just what you need is easier at

And... Competitive

Found a better price elsewhere? No problem! Click here for information on our price guarantee.


We're happy to report that, at any given time, more than 99% of the items we sell are available for delivery. Some items (especially cooking equipment) may have longer processing times. This is dependent upon the manufacturers current "ready-to-ship" availability. We promptly update information for products that have lengthy processing times or have been recently discontinued. While has tried very hard to ensure the accuracy of the product information in our online store, we are not responsible for typographical errors or technical inaccuracies. disclaims liability for misprints, incomplete, stale or otherwise inaccurate pricing provided on web-site. Furthermore, reserves the right to change its prices at any time without notice.


Part of our core beliefs is that one should not have to wait weeks for orders to be processed, nor should you have to pay inflated shipping costs. The "Ship Weight" listed on every item's page comes directly from the manufacturer and is used to calculate actual shipping costs. Our online store syncs with shipping carriers to return real-time shipping calculations for expedited methods. We offer free shipping on many items in our store. Look for our free shipping icon to see which items qualify for free shipping.

Freight Shipping Calculations

Our online store syncs with shipping carriers to return real-time shipping calculations. We offer free shipping on many freight items. Items that we do not offer free shipping will be calculated based on weight.

Ship Times & Methods

Most orders are shipped direct within 1-4 business days (save for custom or oversized items). We often choose between UPS and USPS to ship our items, depending on the location and size.

Items that Ship Free

Look for our free shipping icon to see which items qualify for free shipping on our website.

For complete shipping details, see our shipping policies page.

Returns & Exchanges offers one of the most liberal return & exchange policies in this industry. Please see our return policy for full details.

Site Tools

Whether you're starting a new business, restocking an existing restaurant, or just looking for items for your own home kitchen, offers some key tools for shoppers.

The List is a place you can keep track of everything you need or want, making it easy to match against your checklist. For your protection, we require all List holders to have a customer account with us—this provides additional features with password protection.


You can sort your search by price, manufacturer, bestselling, and product name. You can also choose how many items you wish to view on a page.


We offer Order History information. Here you can reprint invoices, review listings of all orders, and track packages. You can also return an item using your account.

You can leave reviews on products you purchased and track reviews you wrote in your account.

We welcome all comments and suggestions. Feel free to call, email or chat with us live with your feedback.

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