Chef Wear

Great chefs want to look professional and savvy. Shop our exciting and full line of chef clothing to suit all types of chefs. We carry men’s and women’s chef coats, chef shirts, and chef hats, including beanies, baseball caps, chef toques, disposable chef hats, and more. We have a full line of chef pants, including women's and men's cargo pants, baggy chef pants, chef shorts, and more. We also carry a terrific selection of chef aprons, including bib aprons, bistro aprons, waist aprons, and lots more. But it's not just about the chefs. Recognizing the importance of every kitchen and wait staff member, we offer a versatile range of aprons and front-of-house attire. And let's not forget the budding young chefs! Our kids' chef wear section ensures that the little culinary enthusiasts aren't left behind. To round off the collection, we present a curated range of chef shoes and footwear, ensuring comfort and safety as chefs weave their magic. With top brands like Chef Revival, Chef Works, Winco, and more, every chef is guaranteed quality and style. Browse our chef uniform selection and dress for culinary success.


Every chef, whether a seasoned maestro in the kitchen or an enthusiastic newbie, understands the importance of looking both professional and chic. At TigerChef, we believe that your attire should be a reflection of your culinary passion and expertise. Designed for comfort during those long hours, our chef uniforms ensure ease of movement without compromising on elegance. Our comprehensive collection of chef uniforms is designed to cater to the tailored needs of chefs everywhere. From the bustling environment of a five-star restaurant to the cozy kitchen of a budding cafe. Every stitch and fabric is chosen with the chef's dynamic workspace in mind, ensuring durability and resilience. Whether you're sautéing, grilling, or plating, our chef clothing stands up to the challenge, all while maintaining a sharp appearance.

What Does a Chef Wear?

A typical chef uniform reflects professionalism, hygiene, and functionality in the kitchen. Chef uniforms include a double-breasted chef coat which provides a protective layer against hot spills and splatters. They also wear checkered or solid-colored chef pants designed for comfort during long hours. A chef's toque, or hat, not only signifies rank but also helps in keeping hair contained. Along with chef clothing, non-slip shoes are worn to prevent slips and accidents. Additionally, chefs and other staff may wear an apron for extra protection.