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Mini Disposable Plates, Glasses and Cutlery

Shop TigerChef's extensive collection of high-quality mini disposable kitchenware, available at competitive prices. Perfect for tasting parties, dessert receptions, and any catered affair, our disposable mini dishes are a welcome addition to your disposable tableware collection.

From mini spoons to mini dishes, mini lids, mini bowls, and mini tweezer tongs, you'll find an EMI Yoshi Small Wonders mini to delight your guests. These small-portioned mini wonders are enchanting and delightful and will make small portions look oh, so appetizing.


Refresh your tableware collection with trendy mini disposables. Browse our inventory and place an order today.

The Benefits of Disposable Mini Disposable Supplies

Mini disposable plates, cutlery, and drinkware offer numerous benefits for your business as long as they come in recyclable materials.

Increased Safety and Hygiene

Kitchen utensils can carry bacteria and harmful viruses even after thorough washing. Avoid the spread of diseases by swapping a few of your supplies with single-use containers especially when serving at banquets.

Save on Water and Cleaning Supplies

By switching to disposable tasting plates and utensils, you cut costs on water consumption and chemical cleaning products whilst saving time from washing hundreds of kitchenware every day.

Choose from Various Styles and Designs

Much like glassware, single-use containers like small disposable bowls with lids can also be functional and stylish. Select from different shapes, colors, and designs to match your food operation's aesthetics.

Stock your kitchen today with high-quality glasses, cutlery, and mini dishes, available at wholesale prices.