Restaurant Dinnerware

Beautiful dinnerware adds a sophisticated touch to meal service and enhances the dining experience for customers. For reasonably-priced wholesale dinnerware, turn to TigerChef. We carry a terrific selection of restaurant dinnerware from vetted brands like Tuxton, International Tableware, and GET Enterprises.

Choose from our extensive collection of dinnerware which includes restaurant dinner plates, bowls, cutlery, glassware, and more. With various styles and designs to choose from, you'll surely find a collection that meets your operation's unique requirements.


Get luxurious restaurant plates at wholesale prices only here at TigerChef. Browse our inventory and order a set today.

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TigerChef is your one-stop shop for beautifully-crafted dinnerware that won't break the bank. Our dinnerware is available in the following materials:

Bone China

Bone china, as the name connotes, has bone ash added to it which makes it lighter in weight and more luminous than fine china. Perfect for everyday use in fine-dining restaurants, it is also microwave friendly and dishwasher safe and an excellent investment for commercial use.


For durable pieces that last for years, melamine dinnerware is a superior choice. Melamine dishes are shatterproof, resistant to breakage and chipping, and come in beautiful patterns. Although they are not microwave friendly, they are typically dishwasher safe.


You can never go wrong with classic glass dinnerware which pairs well with any concept -- from cafes and bistros to hotel buffets and fine dining restaurants, vitrified glass is sturdy and durable and a choice you won't regret.


Quality plastic dinnerware is a practical choice for most restaurants, pizzerias, cafeterias, hospitals, and other food establishments. Choose from polycarbonate and SAN plastic designs, both of which are sturdy, break-resistant, and dishwasher safe.


For an eco-friendly option, you can never go wrong with wooden bowls and plates. They are functional, stylish, and good insulators of heat.

In addition to wholesale dinner plates, bowls, and glassware, TigerChef also supplies restaurant flatware, available in 135 designs. Select from various stainless steel grades -- 18/0, 18/8, and 18/10, and complete your table setup today.