Food Preparation Equipment

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When stocking your commercial kitchen be sure to purchase the best food preparation equipment in the industry. Our expansive line of food prep equipment ranges from blenders and grinders, to mixers, slicers, juicers, French fry cutters and much more. We also carry a long list of food preparation tools essential for each prep station in your commercial kitchen. Shop top brands including Thunder Group, Johnson Rose, Nemco, Waring, Update International, and many others at our great online prices.

Commercial Blenders

Expand your menu options with commercial blenders, bar blenders and immersion blenders, perfect for any size and style food establishment. Blend foods such as icy smoothies, creamy soups and tasty purees with a reliable, commercial blender or immersion blender. Make professional margaritas, and other mixed drinks with a bar blender, perfect for bars, cafes and restaurants.

Commercial Food Processors

A commercial food processor is vital in the food prep area of any commercial kitchen for slicing, dicing and shredding all types of food in seconds. Shop for food processors and replacement parts and accessories from Omcan-Food Machinery of America and Alfa International, at terrific online prices.

Commercial Juicers

Shop TigerChef for all types of commercial juicers including citrus juicers, electric juicers, orange juicers and manual juicers to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Shop top brands Winco, Nemco, Food Machinery of America and others and juice up your juice bar, cafe, restaurant or bar with fresh juice.

Commercial Mixers

Uses for commercial mixers are numerous. By using the mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and flat beater (often included with the mixer or sold separately) you can do anything from mix dough batter to mash potatoes and more, thereby greatly reducing your kitchen food prep time. Shop for heavy duty commercial mixers and accessories and mixer parts for bakeries, restaurants, pizza shops and other food establishments.

Commercial Slicers

Shop TigerChef for our huge selection of commercial slicers to fit every commercial kitchen slicing requirement. We carry the chicken slicer, meat slicer, vegetable slicer, tomato slicer and onion slicer from top brands Food Machinery of America, Alfa International, Nemco and others at our unbelievable prices.

Food Dehydrators

A commercial food dehydrator is an excellent piece of equipment for commercial kitchens that make it a practice of dehydrating foods in order to preserve them, or for serving dehydrated delicacies. You can dehydrate fruit, meat, fish and vegetables to the perfect moisture level in order to serve your customers beef jerky, dried fruit salads and other dehydrated goodies. Shop our selection of top brand food dehydrators and expand your restaurant menu horizons.

French Fry Cutters

The first step in creating the perfect French Fry is with a French Fry Cutter from TigerChef. French Fry Cutters cut perfect French fries for restaurants, catered events, pizza shops - anywhere where delicious French fries are sold. We carry French Fry Cutters, French Fry Cutter Blades and French Fry Cutter Pusher Blocks from top performing brands at great online prices.

Meat Processing Equipment

Shop for meat processing equipment for butcher shops, supermarket meat departments and deli counters. We carry a full supply of food prep equipment for chefs and butchers alike, including sausage stuffers, commercial meat grinders, meat tenderizers all at great online prices.

Pasta Machines and Cookers

A pasta machine and a pasta cooker are essential your commercial kitchen if pasta is a main course, such as in Italian restaurants. Shop our line of top brand pasta machines and pasta cookers in several styles and capacities to fit any size and type of restaurant and start making the perfect pasta every time.

Restaurant Scales

Bakeries, delis, candy stores, and supermarkets can all benefit from food scales to accurately weigh food and we carry a full range of restaurant scales to fulfill every commercial food requirement. Shop mechanical and digital portion control scales, price computing scales, bakers scales,hanging scales, receiving scales and more to fit your commercial weighing needs.

Seafood Preparation

Shop our selection of seafood preparation products for preparation of great tasting seafood dishes in seafood restaurants. and other eateries. Shop for shrimp deveiners, electric fish scalers, oyster shuckers, seafood tools as well as replacement parts.