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Hanging Scales

A hanging scale is quite useful in fish shops, grocery stores, coffee stores and other commercial applications. A hanging scale is suspended from a cable in the air and provides measurements by mid-air suspension that can provide nearly accurate measurements. They are very practical since they do not require any weights or platforms, and don't take up any counter space. Shop TigerChef, the restaurant equipment store, for hanging scales from Pelouze and Detecto that are safe and durable for years of use, at our great online prices.

Weston 14-0401-W Bow Scale, 90 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0401-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 14-0102 Sportsman Scale, 300 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0102 Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 14-0302-W Spring Scale, 20 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0302-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 14-0304-W Spring Scale, 50 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0304-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 14-0306-W Spring Scale, 100 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0306-W Sold As: 1 ea
Weston 14-0308-W Spring Scale, 150 lb. by Weston Model #: 14-0308-W Sold As: 1 ea
Deteco MCS40F Hanging Fish & Vegetable Scale by Cardinal Detecto Model #: MCS40F Sold As: 1 ea