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Update International BMC-600 Cover for BM-600 Bain Marie Pot

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  • Bain Marie Cover
  • Fits BM-600
  • 6 qt. size pot
  • 8-1/8" dia.
  • 0.7 mm thick stainless steel
    • Brand:
    • Update International
    • Model #:
    • BMC-600
    • Ship weight:
    • 7 oz
    • Sold As:
    • 1 ea
    • Item Number:
    • 52903
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    Making Yogurt With 6 qt Bain Marie October 10, 2014

    Used lid with the 6 qt Bain Marie. These Bain Marie are excellent for denaturing the milk, cooling, inoculating, incubating, cooling, and storing home-made yogurt. One vessel from start to finish to produce one gallon of yogurt. Excellent heat transfer and acid resistance.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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