Winco CB-6K Cutting Board Rack with 6 Slots

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The Winco CB-6K Cutting Board Rack with 6 Slots is vinyl-coated and rectangler in shape. It is an excellent restaurant tool to keep cutting boards and cutting board brushes clean and always within reach of your prep cook, sous chef, and garde manger.


  • Cutting Board Rack with 6 slots
  • Designed from vinyl-coated wire
  • Brand:
  • Winco
  • Model #:
  • CB-6K
  • Ship weight:
  • 2 lbs 14 oz
  • Sold As:
  • 1 ea
  • Item Number:
  • 1445
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Cutting Boards March 23, 2012

Was the perfect item for drying and storing my cutting boards.

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