Zombie Glasses

The zombie glass is a tall, slender glass designed to serve zombie cocktail, which is a smooth, fruity drink with a high alcoholic content. Bar owners, restaurateurs and bartenders turn to TigerChef for zombie glasses by Libbey, to complete their bar glassware collection.

Libbey 96 / 11680 Frosted Clear Lip Zombie Glass 12 oz. by Libbey Model #: 96-11680 Sold As: 4 doz
Libbey 94 Straight Sided Zombie Glass 10 oz. by Libbey Model #: 94 Sold As: 6 doz
Libbey 115 Straight Sided Zombie Glass 13.5 oz. by Libbey Model #: 115 Sold As: 6 doz