7 Steps To Prepare Your Restaurant For Thanksgiving

Preparing your restaurant for Thanksgiving Day requires a whole new level of effort and attention. As you'll be expecting a surge in customers and higher expectations, it's crucial to get everything ready before the big day arrives. Ensuring a smooth operation will allow your wait staff to focus on providing excellent service and delighting your guests. Here's how you can prepare each area of your restaurant:7 Steps To Prepare Your Restaurant For Thanksgiving

Back of the House

1. Proper Staffing

Ensure you have adequate staff to handle the Thanksgiving rush. Being short-handed on such a busy day can lead to frustrated customers and slow service. Overstaffing initially and adjusting as needed is better than being understaffed. See our article on Thanksgiving staffing for more helpful tips.

2. Stock up

Forecast the quantity of food you'll need and order well in advance to avoid running out of key items. Running out of turkey or other essential dishes would create chaos and disappointment among your guests..

3. Organize for productivity

Consider rearranging the kitchen and work stations temporarily to optimize productivity and streamline the process of preparing different types of food for the special menu.

Front of the House

4. Stock the wait stations

Ensure each wait station is fully stocked with all necessary items like napkins, utensils, menus, salt, and pepper. This prevents customers from waiting too long and enables servers to meet the high demands of the day efficiently.

5. Fully staff the restaurant

Have an ample number of employees available, limiting the number of tables each server handles to provide extra-special attention to customers. Having sufficient hosts and managers on duty ensures a smooth flow of operations.

6. Prepare for groups

Since Thanksgiving often involves families dining out together, set up an area with large tables and divide it among servers to accommodate groups. Being well-prepared for large parties leaves a positive impression.

7. Create the right ambiance

Add centerpieces, decor, and other touches to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Show your appreciation for their choice to spend the holiday at your restaurant, fostering a desire to return.

By focusing on both the back and front of the house, you can elevate your restaurant's Thanksgiving Day experience. Adequate staffing, well-stocked stations, and a welcoming ambiance will leave a lasting impact on your customers, encouraging them to return in the future. A successful Thanksgiving Day service will not only delight your patrons but also strengthen your restaurant's reputation and position in the competitive market.

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