All About Coffee Art and Presentation

Owning and operating a coffee shop is a great way to meet new people, explore your love for coffee, and make a substantial profit over time. Coffee shops are becoming increasingly popular as hangout spots, Internet hotspots, and productivity boosters. If you really want to impress the customers who visit your coffee shop and keep them coming back for more, it is important to use artistry and expert presentation when preparing coffee beverages for your customers. A little extra effort goes a long way as far as coffee and espresso are concerned.

The Perfect Espresso Beverage

The perfect espresso beverage as several different layers. Espresso represents the base of a latte, but this base is diluted with steamed milk. On top of the latte is a layer of milk foam that is light and frothy. Combining these elements in perfect sync will improve the presentation of your beverages.

Latte Art

Decorating the surface of a freshly prepared latte is an art that takes a great deal of practice and incredible hand control. The basics of latte art involve the mingling of lighter colored milk foam with the darker colored espresso mixed with steamed milk. During the process of pouring milk and foam into the brewed espresso, the lighter colored foam will rise to the surface while the darker colored milk sinks to the bottom. However, by artfully flicking the wrist and controlling the pour speed, you can achieve different images such as hearts and leaves on the surface of the foam. There are tutorials and videos on the Internet that can explain the different latte art forms and the techniques required to achieve them. With a little practice, you can astound your coffee shop guests with beautifully crafted lattes.

Decorating with Whipped Cream

If you haven't quite mastered the art of decorating a latte with steamed milk and foam, you can use whipped cream to create beautiful masterpieces on the surface of a cappuccino or latte. The problem with this method, however, is that many of your coffee shop guests will prefer not to have whipped cream on their beverages. For those that do, however, you can drizzle chocolate syrup on the surface of whipped cream for an artful appearance.

Mugs and Saucers

The presentation of the coffee drinks offered at your coffee shop is just as important as the flavor and craftsmanship of the beverages. Part of coffee presentation involves the mugs and saucers in which coffee is served. For guests that are dining in at your coffee shop, it's a good idea to provide beautiful ceramic mugs and saucers that complement the overall theme and décor of your coffee shop. Guests will feel appreciated and comfortable when they are drinking from high quality mugs and saucers.

The Finishing Touches

Another important aspect of coffee presentation involves the finishing touches and garnishes that you add to the drinks served at your coffee shop. For example, a sprinkle of ground cinnamon or nutmeg adds both flavor and visual interest to a steaming cup of coffee. You can experiment with different spices and garnishes to create coffee drinks that your guests will absolutely love.